About the Author: Ashley T.

As a young, Black Biracial, Bisexual Woman with Type II Bipolar Disorder from Toronto, I have coined myself as the “Bi-Fecta.” I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates within the realms of abstract visual art, literary art, and performance art. I work with diverse materials spanning from acrylic paints on canvas, to ink on paper, to my voice on the mic, to my body on the stage. I am a self-taught artist, who has been creating for years, but have only recently started to publicly share my art. My confidence as an artist has grown the more I share my work, resulting in a greater sense of focus within my art practice as a whole. Through this focus, I have produced a number of artworks that reflect creating space for myself and my many intersections connecting. A significant portion of my visual arts practice is composed of blending and combining different medias and highlighting the many parts that make the whole. This type of work is prevalent in my art practice because it is representative of how my many identities intersect and how they make me who I am. I want my art to be more than appreciated on the surface. I want my art to be internalized and consumed with reflection. The first step is to have audiences look beyond preconceived notions of the whole and reflect on construction and process. As a visual artist and as a woman of many identities, I pride myself on immersing my art with political insight, positive and negative emotion, and abstract symbolism. Art has the power to be more than just aesthetically pleasing and has the power to change minds. It has the power to speak the truth when words are not enough and when one’s actual voice is not heard. Art has the power to heal long since buried wounds and the power to find one’s inner child. I use my art to ground myself and remind myself of the power I possess to be a positive change in this world. Each piece I create is a small chapter of my visual memoire.
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