About the Author: Sarah Hin Ching U

Sarah Hin Ching U 余衍晴 (she/her) is a Chinese-Canadian emerging dancer, choreographer and creator in live and digital performances. Her work examines human relationships, identity and desire, and is grounded in experiences that have touched her deeply and personally. Collaboration is essential to her practice, and she prioritizes hosting and creating space to share knowledge and skills in between, and outside of artforms. ​ Sarah’s live and digital work has been presented by National Arts Centre, Capsule: Video series (Ottawa), The Dance Centre (Vancouver), Vines Art Festival (Vancouver), Impulse theatre (Victoria, BC), Free Flow Dance Theatre (Saskatoon), SpringWorks (Ontario) among others. As a dance artist, she has performed works by dance companies and choreographers in Montreal (Danse Carpe Diem, Emmanuel Jouthe), Vancouver (Judith Garay, Cheryl Prophet, Foolish Operations/Julie Lebel, Kylah Powell, Alvin Tolentino) and Saskatoon (Free Flow Dance Theatre/Jackie Latendresse). Highlights include performing in the Dancing on the Edge Festival 2019, Vancouver Biennale 2019, Richmond World Festival 2019, Vines Art festival 2020,2021 and Nuit Blanche 2021 (Saskatoon). In 2022, Sarah received a scholarship to train with EDAM, and is 1 of the 3 annual Artist-In-Residence at ArtStarts Gallery. Sarah graduated Simon Fraser University in June 2021 with a BFA in dance and kinesiology.
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