About the Author: Natasha Rain

I seem to find my way back to art when I need it the most. In high school, it was music, theatre, and dance. While in university, I ended up looking to art to express my feelings of what I was going through, while I did go through various artistic mediums, I eventually settled on photography. I chose photography because I can craft stories that I can go back to, and pictures tell so many more stories. Picking up a camera also felt like an extension of my interests in literature, neither hindered the other, which helped me in becoming a better storyteller. A friend gave me the opportunity to photograph their university project that talked about LGBTQ+ homelessness. I worked along side three different drag artists to tell the story of the difficulties that can lead to teens coming out to their families and friends. After this, I started collaborating with local drag artists. I started out using photography to tell other people’s stories because I did not know how to tell my own. I started to find my voice through an independent research project in university, where I talked about how the toys that children play with can affect their self esteem and body image and can continue on as adults. Through this project, I talked to an independent doll making company, talked to local artists, and researched the psychological effects of playing with dolls. I found that it wasn’t necessarily the doll itself, but the culture placed on the doll that mattered. I thought I knew all the answers when I went into this project, but the more I researched and talked to people, the more I realized the answer I was looking for was much more complicated than I thought, which lead to a lot of self discovery. Many artists have a big moment where their work has been successful, but I have had a lot of small moments that mean a lot more to me. I have had people message me about how they appreciate what I do because it has opened their eyes to something, or their experiences felt validated because of what I talk about through my art. I not only try to see myself through my photography, but I also try to see my friends and show their experiences. My success comes from the little moments I experience and the conversations I get to have with people that choose to share their life experiences. I continue to meet incredible artists, models, and photographers through out this journey that continue to inspire me and I am constantly amazed at other people's life stories.
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