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WorkInCulture is a nonprofit arts service organization that supports the professional lives of artists, creative and cultural workers, and the organizations that support and engage them, through skills development, research, and career resources.

call for submissions board

This board broadcasts call for submissions for all artistic disciplines and is updated regularly. Are you looking to participate in a festival, exhibition, contest, creative collective, or art project? Scroll through the posts below for all kinds of open calls. Are you looking to list your opportunity for artists? To add a Call, visit our Contribute page or click the link below.

LOVE LAB is a queer photo/film tech-residency that engages the community in an intersectional conversation to mentor and train emerging artists within the 905 area. Emerging artists will learn skills guided by a team of mentors and partners, in addition to receiving technology/mentoring support from companies such as PANASONIC, MINDSHARE and LGBTQ+ organizations who engage through educational art-making activities.

Love LAB is an incubator to learn about the LGBTQ+ community and elevating emerging artist skills for future projects/employment.

10 selected emerging artists will be paid an honorarium for participating, be connected with a mentor, and participate in a showcase of their work organized by the AGM


  • Between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Identify as LGBTQ+ *
  • Are enrolled in, or have recently graduated from, a related degree/diploma program
  • Are in the early stages of their career in their art form, usually within the first few years
  • Self-identify as emerging
  • Are a creator of new work(s) or a practitioner of an art form
  • Devote a minimum of 24 hours per week to their art
  • Demonstrate a commitment to devoting more time to their artistic activity
  • Are involved in their creative community
  • Not yet recognized as established by their peers
  • Make a financial commitment to their practice and seek primary income from their artistic work
  • Have not yet had a major exhibit of their work

Submit a detailed resume by email to with the subject line LOVE LAB: EMERGING ARTIST by 5:00pm Friday June 11th, 2021. Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the program by June 30th , 2021.

In a single document, emailed to, with the subject line LOVE LAB: EMERGING ARTIST, please submit:

  1. A written statement addressing the eligibility criteria.
  2. Up to 3 images of your work, including titles and dimensions of works. Provide sketches for works that have not yet been completed.
  3. An artist statement describing your practice, interests, and what the concept of diversity and inclusion means to you (up to 250 words).
  4. A CV that includes, at minimum, your education.

Artists must identify as LGBTQ+. We welcome submissions from artists who broadly embrace or identify with the theme of diversity and inclusion and all related issues in their artistic practices and experiences including, but not limited to, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, and mental or physical abilities. We welcome submissions from all qualified applicants and encourage submissions from groups that are typically underrepresented in institutional spaces, including racialized and Indigenous individuals, francophone individuals, and persons with disabilities. If you require any accommodations during the submissions process, please contact

Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
June 30, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Any or All Disciplines
Priority Community:
LGBTQIA2S+, New Generation Artists
English (Anglaise), Francais (French)

APPLICATION FORM & INSTRUCTIONS: Project Sketchbook – Art Application Form

Submission Deadline: January 23, 2022

Exhibition Description:

Sketchbooks have become their own artform. From art-collage to double-page spreads to sketchbook challenges and beyond, the bound-page has transcended the mere home for preliminary drawings.

Artwork Specifications:

Please submit your sketchbook pages including the interior spine and include the outer line of the page margins.  Send us your sketchbook #flatlay or your sketchbook open in a setting, for example your studio or on location such as nature.

Media Accepted:

All materials and mediums are welcome as long as they are contained in a sketchbook of sorts.

We will be taking photos of the sketchbooks, enlarging them, and filling the gallery walls with these intimate and imaginative creations. We will not be exhibiting the actual sketchbooks part from a few on plinths that are able to be handled by the public.

Entry Requirements:

Entry Package to be emailed to and to include:

  • Artists are invited to submit 1 – 4 pages from their sketchbooks, which can be one single page or include a left and right spread. Image size should not exceed 1 MB. Include artist’s name and title in the filename.
  • Completed Application Form
  • Artist Biography
  • Art Statement
Call Posted by:
Alexis Marie Chute, Art Gallery Curator
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
January 23, 2022
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts

APPLICATION FORM & INSTRUCTIONS: Mourning Parents – Art Application Form

Submission Deadline: July 14, 2021

Exhibition Description:

“Mourning Parents” is a group exhibition about love, loss, grief, and community. It centers on one of the most primal experiences—parenthood—and the profound effects of miscarriage, stillbirth, pre- and postnatal loss, and other types of death of children. Parents break the taboo in sharing their experiences through deeply felt and sensitively portrayed art exhibit.

Media Accepted:

All art forms and mediums, 2D and 3D work, are welcome to submit.

Entry Requirements:

Entry Package to be emailed to and to include:

  • Artists are invited to submit 1 – 4 artworks for consideration.
  • Completed Application Form
  • Artist Biography
  • Art Statement
  • Up to four (4) digital image/s of submission/s related to theme. Image size should not exceed 1 MB. Include artist’s name and title in the filename.
Call Posted by:
Alexis Marie Chute, Art Gallery Curator
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
July 14, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Any or All Disciplines

APPLICATION FORM & INSTRUCTIONS: Video Art – Artist in Studio – Application Form

Event Date & Location:

Outdoor Film Screening: Saturday, September 18, 2021  |  Multicultural Heritage Centre Outdoor Amphitheatre, physically distanced event

 Film Screening Description:

Creativity is contagious. In this outdoor film screening, viewers will journey into the artmaking places and processes of local artists who share their inspirations, working habits, and art. Join in for an evening of ideas, art materials, and insight.

Submission Deadline: July 9, 2021

The Multicultural Heritage Centre is looking for 4 to 6 artists. We will be creating short films of 3 to 5 minutes in length of each selected artist in their studios. These films will include a studio tour, footage of the artist-at-work, and artist interview. These short films will be screened at our outdoor Video Art event. The goal is to share local artists’ work and studios in a time where public studio visits are not happening due to the pandemic. We want to encourage our community with creativity, while promoting local makers and artwork. The short film artist videos will also be shared on the Multicultural Heritage Centre YouTube channel.

Artists, please submit the following:

Entry Package to be emailed to

  • Four (4) pieces of your artwork AND four (4) photographs of your art studio. Total eight (8) jpeg files. NOTE: Image size should not exceed 1 MB. Include artist’s name and title in the filename.
  • Completed application form
  • Artist Statement
  • Artist Bio
  • One-minute (max) video telling us why we should choose you for the video studio tour and artist interview. You can send this video by wetransfer, Google Drive, or in a link.

Important Dates:

  • Apply by July 9, 2021.
  • Acceptance confirmation by July 16, 2021.
  • Studio filming and artist interview dates will take place early August 2021.
  • Outdoor Film Screening: Saturday, September 18, 2021. Artists are asked to be in attendance.
  • Artist videos will be premiered on the Multicultural Heritage Centre October, November, and December 2021.

Art Media Accepted:

All mediums will be considered. Artists must have a studio where the Multi Centre can film the artist at work and conduct the interview.

Filming Particulars:

The Multi Centre will send the one (1) filmmaker to film the artist in their studio, maintaining COVID protocols, physical distancing, and proper PPE (personal protective equipment). If indoor gathers are still prohibited August 2021, the Multi Centre will conduct educational training for the artists to film themselves in their studios, teaching about lighting, angles, and interviewing techniques. The filmmaker and artists will have consultation emails and phone calls/Google Meets prior to the filming to assist the process overall.

Call Posted by:
Alexis Marie Chute, Art Gallery Curator
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
July 9, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Media Arts, Music and Sound,

Theatre Network is currently rebuilding our venue, The Roxy Theatre, lost to fire in 2015. When open to the public, the building will include: a 200 seat mainstage theatre, a multi-functional blackbox performance space, a rehearsal hall, and 3 gallery spaces (one on each level of the building). These new gallery spaces will offer visual artists another space and opportunity to showcase and sell their works.


Theatre Network is now accepting expressions of interests from artists who wish to be considered for future showings in The New Roxy Theatre. See below for more info, or download a PDF call for submissions here.


Artists must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents, have an established art practice, and be free to enter into an agreement to have the ROXY show and sell works on their behalf. We encourage artists of all diversities and backgrounds to apply.


  • Work may be 2-dimensional wall-mounted, 3-dimensional wall-mounted or free-standing, executed in any medium. Exhibition space is limited in its ability to accommodate work involving sound, light or movement.
  • Artists may submit up to 10 works for consideration, but should submit no less than 3 works so the Curator is able to gain a reasonable understanding of your practice.
  • Images of the works should be submitted via high resolution photographs, via email, dropbox, Google Drive, or another file sharing service for large format images.


All expressions of interest from artists should be sent via email to

Artists will need to provide:

  • Contact details
  • Title of works
  • Category of work (2-dimensional and wall-mounted / 3-dimensional – free-standing)
  • Media and substrate of works
  • Dimensions of works
  • Price of works
  • Whether work is framed or not
  • Artist Statement (maximum 250 words) about your overall practice
  • Digital images of work. For each entry you can submit up to two digital images for 2D work and three digital images for 3D work. One of these must show the entire work (not including the frame or any background). Optionally, additional images may be a photo of a significant detail or texture.

Submitting Photography*:

  • Digital images must be submitted in JPEG format
  • Resolution – 72 pixels per inch
  • Dimensions – minimum 1500 pixels on the long side (1500p high for portrait format / 1500p wide for landscape format)
  • File size – maximum 24MB

If you prefer to submit your work already optimized for best viewing, please use the following specifications:

  • JPG at 95% quality
  • 4096 pixels on the long side @ 72 ppi
  • these specs will yield 12.8MB, or you can set your software to a maximum size of 12.8MB

*The photographs must be an exact representation of the work being submitted.

Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
June 30, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts
English (Anglaise)

Accepting Applications for Resident Artists

The Artist in Residency program is growing and we’re excited to announce two program streams: Artist in Residency and the Suncor Indigenous Artist Program. Each year, Arts Council aims to host an artist for a Spring session and another for a Fall session. Each program offered will run for 3 to 4 weeks and is open to artists of any discipline who will create in Wood Buffalo and mentor local artists. We are now accepting applications for the Suncor Indigenous Artist Program scheduled for Fall 2021.

This residency will run for 3 to 4 weeks between September and December 2021.


Call Posted by:
Nick Vardy
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
June 30, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Any or All Disciplines
Priority Community:
Indigenous artists
English (Anglaise), Indigenous Languages

Project Description

The Wood Buffalo Alberta Culture Days planning committee is seeking individuals and organizations to help organize and host fun, family-friendly events that feature the region’s diverse culture. The events and activities can take place online, as well as in-person, given they adhere to COVID-19 public health measures.

“Registering early provides the Wood Buffalo Alberta Culture Days planning committee with a greater ability to prepare and plan for the coming year’s events. We are looking for local artists, performers, event hosts and venue operators to help us celebrate arts and culture in our region.”

– Jessica Barry, Coordinator with RMWB

Culture Days is a national celebration of arts and culture, though celebration dates vary from province to province.

Alberta Culture Days in Wood Buffalo includes a series of free events for the entire month of September with plenty of opportunities to participate in Alberta’s largest celebration of arts, heritage, diversity and community spirit.

This community celebration of arts and culture has been brought to our communities by the Wood Buffalo Alberta Culture Days planning committee in partnership with Arts Council Wood Buffalo.

Event Dates

Alberta Culture Days in Wood Buffalo runs from September 1 – 30, 2021.  Any proposed events must run at least once during the course of the Alberta Culture Days dates.

How to Register

Online: RMWB website – Alberta Culture Days 2021

Who Can Register?

Anyone can participate in Alberta Culture Days in Wood Buffalo. Both established and emerging artists of all artistic disciplines are invited to register.

Event organizers hail from the full spectrum of cultural creators—from grassroots community volunteers and independent artists, to major arts, culture, and heritage institutions—and there’s always room for more.

Learn more about this celebration of arts and culture and how you can participate:  Participation Guide.

Entry Requirements

To participate in Alberta Culture Days in Wood Buffalo, your activity/event must meet the following requirements:

  • The arts and culture event is participatory
  • Any proposed events must run at least once during the course of the Alberta Culture Days dates from September 1 – 30, 2021
  • It must be free for the public to attend

Those who do not meet the entry requirements may be asked to update or revise their event/activity plans.

Submission Deadline

Submissions must be received by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Funding Requests

Any requests for funding to support your event must be submitted as part of your registration on the RMWB’s website for Alberta Culture Days 2021.  Please include a detailed description of your funding requirements.

Any questions related to funding request eligibility may be directed to Liana Wheeldon, Executive Director of Arts Council Wood Buffalo:

Call Posted by:
Jessica Barry, Culture and Social Development
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
June 30, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Any or All Disciplines

Art of Conversation – Call for Artists, Seniors & Elders

UPDATE (May 19, 2021): Opportunities are now open for Artists of all disciplines, as well as Seniors and Elders (+60 years of age) for Art of Conversation.

How it Works

Arts Council is paying to commission local Artists of various disciplines to have phone conversations with Wood Buffalo’s isolated Seniors and Elders. The Artists and (optionally) Seniors and Elders will then create new art inspired by the stories that are shared.

The phone call and Artists’ creation process will be documented to be shared through Arts Council communications, and the Artist’s completed pieces (e.g., song, short story, paintings, craft, animation, etc.) will be shared with the Senior or Elder with whom the piece was created.

ACWB will be commissioning Artists based on accepted applications, and registering Seniors and Elders until all opportunities are filled.

Art of Conversation is a collaborative project by Arts Council Wood Buffalo and St. Aidan’s Society for Artists, Seniors and Elders in the Wood Buffalo region.

View the virtual exhibit of artwork produced through Art of Conversation.

About the Commission

  • This is a paid opportunity. Artist Fee details are outlined below.
  • Artists will self-lead at least two (2) different phone conversations of a decent length (45-60 mins) with Seniors or Elders in the community.
  • Artists will record the conversations with the Elder in a format that is agreed upon with ACWB (e.g. video or audio recording).
  • Artists will create a new piece of art inspired by their conversation with the goal of sharing it with the Senior or Elder (in accordance with physical distancing protocols.)


Artists must be Wood Buffalo residents for the duration of the project.

Work Media

There are no limits on the type of media accepted for this artist call.  We encourage local Artists to think outside the box, and let us know how they envision the art form of their preference complementing the project.

Art forms may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Original music or song compositions
  • Video and interactive art
  • Short stories or poems
  • 2D or 3D artwork / fine craft
  • Comics
  • Digital art

Finished Art Pieces

Completed art pieces and recorded videos need to be delivered to ACWB within 8 weeks from the first conversation between the Artist, Senior or Elder. This may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Artist Fee

An all inclusive fee of $500 per commission (including GST) will be paid to the Artist, covering all prep-time, conversations, creation of artwork, materials and supplies.

How to Submit for this Opportunity

Email your submissions to Programs Manager Luay Eljamal at, with the following information:

  • Your name and contact phone number
  • Description of your preferred art form and how you believe it will support the project (200 words max)
  • Exactly three (3) digital samples of previous work
  • Description of how you will choose to present your art form (e.g., a poem printed and framed; a song performed on video or a music file, etc.)

Seniors & Elders (60+) are invited to create art with local artists.

We encourage any local Senior or Elder above the age of 60 years to register.

Please inform and invite Seniors and Elders you might know who would be interested in creating art from a distance or having stimulating conversation.

Seniors and Elders will have the option to receive an art supply kit (safely) through St. Aidan’s established meal-delivery program, should they also wish to create art in addition to conversing with a local Artist.

Deadline for submissions

ACWB will be commissioning Artists based on accepted applications, and registering Seniors and Elders until all opportunities are filled.

Call Posted by:
Luay Eljamal, Programs Manager
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
August 31, 2021
Eastern Alberta (Fort McMurray, Lloydminster)
Artistic Discipline:
Any or All Disciplines

Kinetic Studio invites artists to submit works for consideration for the 2021/2022 Open Studio Series in Kjipuktuk/Halifax. Kinetic is looking for innovative new work from emerging and established choreographers and movement artists working across Canada. Nova Scotia-based artists are also invited to submit to Kinetic Explorations.

Kinetic Studio is grateful to work in Kjipuktuk, on the ancestral and unceded traditional land of the Mi’kmaq people.


The Open Studio Series offers choreographers the opportunity to show short in-progress or finished works in an informal, flexible setting. Performances are held over two weekends each season, at our home venue, DANSpace.

We are looking for innovative pieces from emerging and established artists working in Nova Scotia, the Atlantic region, and across Canada. We seek works where questioning and experimentation are alive, and welcome a wide spectrum of approaches, including multi-disciplinary works that create dialogue and intersection. Traditional and alternative uses of space, time and genre are invited.

We warmly invite applications from underrepresented communities. We are committed to programming work from artists who represent a diversity of gender identities, races, sexual orientations, physical or mental abilities, and ethnicities.


In the 2021/2022 season, the Open Studio Series will feature the work of 10-12 choreographers over two weekends:

  • Weekend of November 12-13, 2021*

  • Weekend of April 22-23, 2022**

* Due to Covid and the rescheduling of artists from the 2020/2021 season, we are only programming artists based in the Atlantic region for this weekend of shows.​

** Open to artists from across anywhere in Canada.

Both weekends will feature both emerging artists and established artists.


Presenting artists receive an honorarium, access to local rehearsal space, and documentation of their work. Limited travel funding is available. 


Our home venue, DANSpace, is a third floor studio located at 1531 Grafton Street, in the heart of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. The space is equipped with:

• A Technician
• A large, flexible performance area which is approximately 30′ wide and 25′ deep when set-up proscenium style
• Marley flooring
• Black side and back 8′ and 10′ masking flats that allow for a back crossover when set-up proscenium style
• A simple sound system
• Approximately 16 lamps (fresnels & lekos)
• Audience seating on risers for up to 70 people

Each choreographer is allotted 1 hour of tech rehearsal time.

All presenting artists are expected to work with Kinetic Studio to make sure work is as accessible as possible. This includes captioning of videos where applicable, communicating with an ASL interpreter, and other relevant practices.

Call Posted by:
Liliona Quarmyne, Artistic Director
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
July 15, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Performing arts - Dance

If You Ask Me (IYAM) is a free program that supports emerging filmmakers with mental health and/or addiction experiences to develop a short film in the company of like-minded peers in a supportive environment. Over the summer, a small group of filmmakers will be selected to engage in workshops led by industry professionals and receive mentorship from IYAM alumni. Workshop topics include: developing a script, production, directing, editing, sound, distribution, and film festivals. Filmmakers will have an opportunity to screen their work at the 29th Annual Rendezvous with Madness Festival currently set to run October 28- November 7, 2021.

Helena Morgane will facilitate this year’s program alongside mentors Malaika Athar, Hanna Donato, Samyuktha Movva, and Shubhi Sahni.

IYAM will run virtually for a second year! Filmmakers are expected to take a self-directed approach to creating their own films and will receive support and strategies throughout the program. All genre of film are welcome, such as documentary, experimental, fiction, and animation; all devices for filmmaking are welcome, whether it is phone, tablet, or any variety of camera!

The submission form for IYAM 2021 can be found here.

Call Posted by:
Jessica Jang, Education Manager
Contact Information:, 416 583 4339 ext. 3
Call Deadline:
June 21, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Media Arts
Priority Community:
New Generation Artists, Youth
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