Where to experience Outdoor Art during the Pandemic

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Art galleries may not be easily accessible these days and not everyone is comfortable spending a lot of time inside of public spaces. But, when we look beyond the traditional “spaces” for hosting art and art shows, there are so many possibilities to explore! The GTA is packed with innovative art experiences and tons of free outdoor public art. Here are a few places to check out public art within the GTA:

StreetART Toronto

This map based app will help you explore the amazing street art located throughout Toronto. The current database provides a sampling of murals created as part of the StreetARToronto collection of programs from 2012 to 2019.

Toronto Public Art Map

This map shows nearly 400 works of public art throughout the City of Toronto. Visitors can search for art by location or title; you never know how close you might be to a piece of public art!

Graffiti Alley

If you’re wandering the Queen Street West area, grab a hot beverage and take in this stretch of gritty back-alley between Spadina and Portland Street. The art covers approximately 1km and varies throughout the alley. A great spot to take a stroll and snap some pics!


BigArtTO offers a safer, healthy outdoor activity for people within the same households. Torontonians are encouraged to safely explore these projections following COVID-19 safety measures to help reduce virus spread.

Neighbourhood Love

This project began in September 2020 after a South Etobicoke resident received two hateful and anonymous letters in response to a mural she had painted on her garage by local artist Natalie Very B. Following this hateful act, group of mural artists came together to create a street-level demonstration of community solidarity. Follow the online mural map to walk, bike, drive or transit around South Etobicoke and view these murals!

Sculpture Gardens across Ontario

Check out this detailed list from ToDo Canada of 20 sculpture gardens across Ontario. Plan a day trip or meet up with a friend to take in these epic pieces of art!

Lakeshore Arts Murals

Guided by the theme of reconnection with nature and water, 19 artists were selected to create original art that would honour the waterfront, pay homage to the site’s historical roots, and provide messages of hope and healing.

McMichael Gallery Outdoor Garden

Through a network of outdoor paths and hiking trails, visitors can explore this series of installations and outdoor sculptures, the Tom Thomson shack, and the McMichael Cemetery where six Group of Seven members have been laid to rest. Checkout the website while you are there and listen to the Audio Guided Tour!

Guild Park & Gardens

Enjoy some quiet time in the garden amongst the sculptures. Stroll the woodland trails along the side of Lake Ontario and catch a glimpse of the Scarborough Bluffs from the cliffs.


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