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To celebrate the arts community in these uncertain times, we’re creating a virtual open studio, so you can see, share in and take inspiration from what other artists are currently working on.

Featured: Sarah Cullen

These two pencil on paper works are “maps” of Sarah’s walks to and from her studio and home (1) and to the island postbox from home (2). The images were created using the “drawing box” in image 3 – which consists of a weighted and suspended pencil, affixed within a box, strapped to the artist’s back.

As Sarah moves, the pencil creates a mark documenting her movements and creating an image.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The project was developed in 2004 but Sarah has recently taken it up again as “a way to make work while out and about and moving – since we aren’t meant to linger while outside”

Says Cullen: “ … while all this change is afoot I [have been] taking the device out on walks [and for walks on behalf of] other people who can’t get out, and … send[ing] them the resulting drawing.

Sarah and her partner Simon and their family have been living on the island for a few years now and have both been active in the island arts community, serving as program leaders for the MOTHRA @artistparents residency and our #WinterIsland Artist Residency respectively. Cullen also affiliates with island arts collective Fake Art School.

Original source written by Andrew Lochhead/Artscape Gibraltar Point, via instagram: @gibraltarpointto. Andrew is currently managing the programming and residencies at Artscape Gibraltar Point. He is interested in developing virtual residencies to connect artists online with the broader creative community.

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