Unlearn: The Art of Creation Interactive Workshop

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An interactive and intimate workshop to help kick start your creative process!

Perfect for anyone stuck in a creative rut, looking to shake up their artistic process, or hoping to better understand the artist that is you!

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As an artist develops their craft they refine techniques and methods for creation. Over time these same techniques and methods become routine and almost mundane to an extent. The routine and repetition an artist feels when creating can sometimes inhibit an artist and the original passion and creative expression are lost in the process. This workshop will hopefully encourage, inspire and influence artists to explore new and abstract creative processes that will push their artistic abilities and influence their future works.

Workshop Date

Tuesday, November 23, 2021


1pm – 3pm EST / 10am – 12pm PST

The workshop will be conducted virtually on Zoom and will last 2 hours.

Registration Deadline

Friday, November 19, 2021 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST



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Workshop Format: 

Artist Introductions 

In this session we will start with a short introduction of each participant who will give a brief background about their artistic practice, where they are in their career, where they would like to improve and a short overview of their most practiced artistic process.

Creative Process Methods

We will then do a quick overview of the creative processes and elaborate on any of the methods that the artists are most interested in. We will discuss who uses which methods and the pros and cons of each.


Artists will do 2-4 speed round sessions each with a different artist to engage with various artistic practices and delve into greater detail on their creative process. 


Full group participation where each individual will give a quick synopsis of how their creative processes differ from others, what they have in common and what they found most interesting. We will expand on finding common themes and then dive into the more uncommon practices each artist has that is unique to their craft.  


A final round table discussion on outside of the box ways we can create and coming up with new and non-traditional approaches in creativity.  

Closing Thoughts 

A quick overview from each artist on how this session impacted them, what they learned, and which creative processes they are most likely to apply to their practice and how.

About the Facilitator:

Richard Gracious performing a song on a guitar

Richard Gracious likes everything there is to do with records. When he is not listening to them he enjoys creating them himself or with artists in his community that trust him enough to be a part of their creative process. Whether it be working out of his home studio creating demos, making notes on test pressings or writing songs in his living room, Richard enjoys all the stages that go into creating a time capsule of a moment that we can press into a thin, flat, piece of plastic that we call a vinyl record that can be shared and enjoyed with thousands of people. This is why he started his own DIY label called Forest City Records that works with local artists to create and distribute art in his hometown of London, Ontario. When Richard is not working on records his number one place to be is playing on stage and touring as part of Wolf Saga; an Indigenous fronted electro pop group that enjoys getting people dancing, and bringing an exciting show to as many stages as possible.

Because being a touring musician doesn’t pay the bills, especially during a global pandemic, Richard also works for CBC London as a board operator and associate producer creating playlists for the morning show and hosting his own musical segment “In The Mix”. Richard’s  background as a music educator, entrepreneur and past employment with the London Arts Council as an artist in-residence has informed his knowledge in the granting side of the arts world and working intimately with artist relations.

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