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Plus qu’un tableau d’affichage d’offres d’emploi, nous offrons un guide personnalisé pour trouver un emploi dans le domaine artistique. Dédié aux arts, le contenu inclut des liens vers des sites d’emploi pour artistes, des conseils sur la façon de trouver du travail dans le domaine artistique, et de l’aide pour des recherches d’artistes, de résidence et d’autres occasions génératrices de revenus.

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WorkInCulture est une organisme de services artistiques à but non lucratif qui soutient la vie professionnelle des artistes, des travailleurs créatifs et culturels et des organisations qui les engagent.

Appels de dossiers

Cette section concerne les appels de dossiers artistique et créatif Vous souhaitez participer à un festival, une exposition, un concours, un collectif créatif ou un projet artistique? Faites défiler les articles ci-dessous pour toutes sortes d’appels ouverts. Cherchez-vous à lister votre opportunité pour les artistes? Pour ajouter un appel, visitez notre page Contribuer ou cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous.

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery is seeking project proposals from Canadian artists on the theme of craftivism for a potential major solo or group exhibition.

We are looking for large scale projects in the craft of ceramics, glass or copper enameling that push the boundaries of contemporary craft and installation art. We want your wild ideas and collaborations. Surprise us with something powerful that will make a statement and command attention when installed in one of our Galleries. Proposals should engage with current Canadian social issues to start conversations, education, and sharing towards the greater good. These proposals will be considered for potential exhibitions in future programming seasons at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery (Waterloo, Ontario), with the possibility to circulate across the country.

Projects can include community involvement, workshops, or other initiatives. The resulting exhibition can extend beyond the walls of the gallery into the community, public spaces, and more. We’re looking for truly innovative approaches to contemporary exhibitions. Show us your creativity and vision for an exhibition that brings the community together both physically and visually.

As Ele Carpenter writes in Activist Tendencies in Craft: “In these practices the social, performative and critical discourse around the work is central to its production and dissemination. Here craft is not simply a luddite desire for the localized handmade, but a social process of collective empowerment, action, expression and negotiation.” (Arnolfini Journal, April 2010)

Click here to view a PDF of the Proposal guidelines.

This is an ongoing call. The Curatorial Committee will begin selecting proposals in October 2021, for exhibitions starting in 2023. A future cutoff date will be shared via our social media and website with advance notice.

Click here to submit your proposal through our online system

Call Deadline:
décembre 31, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts, Crafts/Artisan
English (Anglaise)

The Ford City Business Improvement Association (BIA) is calling experienced mural artists or teams of artists to submit proposals to create colourful, contemporary, and original artwork on two pre-selected walls in the Ford City Business Improvement Area. All information about the opportunity is contained herein.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: August 15, 2021 COMPLETION: Between September – December 2021 / Spring 2022 FUNDING: Up to $10,000 ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

PROJECT INTENT By creating colourful and contemporary murals on otherwise blank surfaces, we will convey to our community that Ford City is undergoing an exciting transformation and is becoming an increasingly vibrant neighbourhood. Artists are encouraged to consider the rich socio-cultural context of the Ford City/Drouillard neighbourhood. While historical themes and references are not a requirement, we do want to see that care has been taken to appreciate relate to the unique identity of the area and its community. This submitted concept proposal should: • Consider the space; size, shape, and material qualities of the wall, the angles of view, and the audience. • Enhance and engage the streetscape with a distinctive aesthetic experience both highly visible and welcoming to pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles travelling along Drouillard Road. • Provide excitement and interest for the community as a whole. ELIGIBILITY The competition is open to all established, professional, and emerging artists. Applicants who wish to be considered for this project should demonstrate artistic skill, style, and originality. Experience painting site-specific large scale outdoor murals directly on walls will be an asset. Artists whose work is well represented within the city are eligible to apply, however, the artist selection panel will consider artistic diversity as one factor in the selection process. Non-local artists are invited and encouraged to apply, however, they should note that while the BIA may be able to assist in securing low-cost accommodation during the mural’s execution, travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered by the project budget.

Check out the full call for submissions HERE!

Call Deadline:
août 15, 2021
All Regions
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts
English (Anglaise)

In collaboration with the City of Toronto, the Waterfront Business Improvement Area, and the Toronto Downtown West Business Improvement Area, The Bentway is seeking Expression of Interest (EOI) submissions from professional artists and/or designers interested in participating in The Waterfront ReConnect Design Competition.

This EOI is open to all teams (hereinafter called “Proponents”) with experience in the required disciplines and having the required resources, as further described herein.

Designed for a car-centric era, Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway has long served as a street-level barrier between the City’s core and a blossoming waterfront. As the city recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking what if this obstacle could be reimagined as a vital point of connection? This presents an exciting opportunity to build upon the larger waterfront revitalization effort and Gardiner rehabilitation project. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to develop an inclusive process, involving multiple public and private stakeholders, and demonstrate the potential of the Under Gardiner to become an integral part of the larger public realm.

The Bentway is seeking input from professional Canadian artists and designers, who will be engaged in the development of creative interventions that re-imagine the experience of the intersections for pedestrians and cyclists at grade at two key intersections under the Gardiner – York Street and Simcoe Street. Advancing the work of the Waterfront ReConnect program, these interventions will further demonstrate what the potential of these under Gardiner spaces could be, setting a trajectory over the next decade.

The goal of the competition is to create more welcoming and accessible connections to Toronto’s Central Waterfront, with a focus on two key under-Gardiner intersections at York and Simcoe Streets. Launched by the Waterfront BIA in 2019, the first ReConnect project at Rees St. (near the Rogers Centre), incorporates design elements such as bright reflective paint, enhanced pedestrian markings, and improved wayfinding to create a new neighbourhood gateway.

The Bentway intends to select up to six (6) Proponents – three (3) for York Street and three (3) for Simcoe Street – to participate in a Design Competition. All shortlisted proponents will be entitled to honoraria for participation in the Design Competition.

One winning proposal for each intersection will be selected to be constructed in mid – 2022. Timelines for implementation will be further refined with the City of Toronto. These demonstration projects will be in place until the Gardiner Expressway is re-habilitated in this area between 2025-2028.

Download the complete Call for Expressions of Interest >>

Register for the Waterfront ReConnect Design Competition Information Session on July 27 at 12pm>>

Call Deadline:
août 13, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts
English (Anglaise)

Application deadline: Friday, August 6, 2021

The Calgary Public Library invites applications for the paid position of Artist in Residence: Children’s Artist/ Illustrator at the Central Library for the Fall of 2021.  This residency recognizes the contribution of children’s artists to literature and to Calgary’s culture. It seeks to introduce Library patrons, especially children and educators, to artists and art forms they may not otherwise experience while providing opportunities to meet artists, observe the artistic process and participate in artmaking.

Description of the Position

The Library seeks emerging or mid-career children’s artists/illustrators with an art practice in any medium and an affinity for people. This residency program is based in a glass-walled studio in a public space, which means, while the artist’s practice and privacy are to be respected whether in the studio or in the public space of the library, we do expect the artist to be comfortable and open to engaging with patrons. The artist is expected to display their work and process, as a way of animating the studio for visitors to look in and see when the artist is not present. Experience working with communities, large groups and/or children and youth is an asset.

The children’s artist/ Illustrator residency runs for three months from September to November annually.

The artist will be required to take part in an artist talk near the beginning of the residency and a minimum of two public workshops and/or school programs, all set in collaboration with the Library.

Beginning September 6, 2021, the artist will hold open studio hours at Central Library for a minimum 7.5 hours per week. The residency will culminate in a December exhibition.

The 252-square-foot Artist in Residence studio is available to the artist during opening hours to work on their own projects and the Library Goes to Kindergarten contract (see below).


The Artist in Residence honorarium is $50 per hour to a maximum of 100 hours per residency. This amount includes offsite preparation time and onsite program delivery time as well as any other project expenses incurred by the applicant (except for materials specific to community engagement events).

In addition to the residency, the artist awarded the contract will be commissioned to design the annual Library Goes to Kindergarten card and promotional item during their residency (additional remuneration).


Artists may not apply as an individual and be part of an organization or collective applying in the same competition.

If the applicant is an individual artist, the following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Must not be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Self-identify as a children’s artist and/or illustrator and is recognized as such by artists/illustrators working in the same artistic tradition.
  • Actively practice their art.

If the applicant is an organization or a collective, the following eligibility criteria apply:

  • A collective is defined as two or more artists working together under a group name, either on a single project (ad hoc) or on an ongoing basis. For collectives of two artists, both must not be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and be 18 years of age or older. For collectives of more than two artists, the majority of members must not be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and 18 years of age or older.

Additionally, the successful applicant must be willing to:

  • Work collaboratively with Library staff and other residents, if applicable.
  • In every case, the Library and the resident or a residency group’s representative will sign a formal written contract that will detail the rights and responsibilities of each party.
  • Successfully meet the criteria of their residency under the budget, residency schedule (co-developed with Library) and timelines set out in their contract.
  • Express desire to create artwork for and in the public realm.
  • Engage and catalyze people and places.
    • The artist should feel comfortable creating programming to contextualize their work and ideas in the library for the public, as it becomes necessary.
    • Be available for press events/media interviews, and be open to discussing their work with library patrons when engaged (within reason).
    • Participate in Library-initiated projects, such as video interviews, for the Library’s archives.
    • Artists are encouraged to make their creative process visible in the studio space so that patrons can look in through the windows when the studio doors are closed.
  • Document and share their residency with the Library and the public (ie: blog, social media feed, written account, photographs, etc.).
  • Provide a short bio (50 words or less), an artist photograph or organization logo in high resolution (.jpg or .png format, suitable for print reproduction), and a short description of the artist’s work (150 words or less). This information will also be used to create in-Library signage and to introduce the artist at community engagement events, as well as for additional publicity opportunities.
  • Provide a booklist for the Library’s website on a topic related to their artistic practice.
  • Showcase their work at the close of their residency. Visual or sound exhibitions may be displayed for a one-month period.
  • Sit on the Selection Committee to choose the 2022 Children’s artist/illustrator in residence. (Summer 2022)

Applicants will be evaluated based on the inclusion of the following:

  • Artistic Practice narrative (500 words or fewer):
    • An explanation of what you want to investigate during the residency and a description of the form(s) the work might take in the context of a final exhibition. Exhibitions may be 2D or 3D and can include digital components. Sound is limited.
    • Describe possible public programming, collaborations with the public and/or other methods of engaging the public, especially children or educators. Ideally, this can be executed with low budget, limited materials, and minimal Library staff support.
  • Describe how your artistic practice is particularly suited to the Calgary Public Library’s values of inclusion, curiosity, and/or collaboration, and is respectful and suitable for family audiences.
  • Artist statement/bio (250 words or fewer)
  • Resume or CV (PDF) with demonstrated experience in public engagement, ideally with children, and examples of collaborations, awards, publications, scholarships, education, work experience, exhibitions, or grants.
  • List of possible technical needs (PDF) during the residency (i.e.: projector and screen).
  • Website/online portfolio showcasing original examples of work in children’s art and/or illustration (target ages 4 – 12). The style of artwork can translate well to a Library Card and T-shirt format (not overly detailed, small, or too dark)
  • If there is no website with online portfolio: Attach any combination of work samples to sufficiently support your proposal. If uploading files, please include artist’s last name in the file name.
    • Up to five jpeg images (no larger than 2MB each)
    • List of work (PDF) with title, medium and dimensions. There is room for two to three additional sentences if necessary.

The successful candidate will be selected by a committee. All applicants will be notified once the committee has made its selection, generally in late summer or early fall. The successful candidate will be notified, but their name will not be announced until the residency has been secured.

Please submit applications to:

Service Design: Artist in Residence Program
Central Library, 800 3rd Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 2E7

Or electronically to

Application deadline: Friday, August 6, 2021

Call Deadline:
août 6, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts
English (Anglaise)

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA) is seeking to develop a catalogue of local musicians that can be commissioned/contracted for various downtown events and projects.

In the interest of providing equal opportunity to local musicians and representing the vast cultural and ethnic diversity of our region, we encourage applications from performers of all cultural backgrounds and from all genres/styles of music. The DWBIA invites applications from both original artists and cover groups ranging in size from solo acts and DJ’s to full bands.

Please submit expressions of interest before August 9, 2021 for full consideration for Summer 2021 events.  However, expressions of interest will be received on an ongoing basis.

Call Deadline:
août 9, 2021
All Regions
Artistic Discipline:
Music and Sound
English (Anglaise)

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA) is inviting expressions of interest for participation in various summer events (i.e. Arts Fairs), and/or downtown beautification and transformation projects. Expressions of Interest will be catalogued and individuals will be contacted by the DWBIA on an as-needed basis to participate.

The DWBIA is looking to support and leverage the work of local artists, sculptors, architects, designers, and creative thinkers with minimum 2 years professional experience in the arts. At this moment we are collecting expressions of interest from the local community, to create a diverse pool of applicants to draw upon for evolving opportunities as they arise. Please submit expressions of interest before August 9th, 2021 for full consideration for Summer 2021 events. However, expressions of interest will be received on an ongoing basis.

Call Deadline:
août 9, 2021
All Regions
Artistic Discipline:
Any or All Disciplines
English (Anglaise)

Downtown and Waterfront Revitalization

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is seeking an Indigenous Curator to play a critical role in bringing Indigenous identity and history to revitalization efforts within downtown Fort McMurray and its waterfront.

This position will work in collaboration with Municipal staff and the Interdepartmental Working Groups, the contracted design firms for waterfront/downtown revitalization, multiple First Nations and Métis partners and organizations in the region, and the Indigenous Public Art Advisory Circle (to be established as part of this project).

A total budget of $30,000.00 will be awarded for the term of this project (August 2021 – March 2022) with the opportunity for additional terms. The mentorship of a local associate curator is recommended as part of this contract.

This project is funded by the Public Art Reserve Fund as per section 3.1.1 Percent for public art allocations and municipal funding strategy of the Municipal Public Art Policy PRL-160. The successful applicant will report directly to the Culture & Social Services Branch of the RMWB.

Deadline for Submission: 11:59PM (MST), Sunday, August 8, 2021

This call is open to local, provincial and national curators. Preference that curator has a connection to the Region or previous experience on local projects.

For more information, contact the Public Art Wood Buffalo email:

Request for Qualifications

Wthank all applicants for their interest and submissions to this call. Only qualifying applicants will be contacted.


The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is situated on Treaty 8 Territory, the traditional lands of the Cree, Dene, and the unceded territory of the Métis. It is the traditional meeting grounds of many Indigenous people since time immemorial. Continuing to recognize our past, present and future relationships with First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples of Canada, it is our shared responsibility to respect these lands, preserve these waters and nourish our relationship with the surrounding environment and with each other

The Waterfront Revitalization project

The RMWB’s Waterfront Park Revitalization Project will be designed as a year-round interactive facility for residents and visitors alike. As a destination for cultural and heritage recognition, the Waterfront Park will also serve as an access point for recreational opportunities and connecting to nature in the heart of our region. The Indigenous Curator will be responsible for several activities, ranging from Indigenous community engagement to development and review of strategies within a public art context as related to the Waterfront Park Revitalization Project.

The overall project will include design and construction of the year-round Snye Point Outdoor Event Space, as well as designing a Waterfront Park, which will cover the 6 km of waterfront from the Athabasca Bridge to Horse Pasture Park in Waterways. The Waterfront Park is a large green space in our downtown that will be transformed into a unique community space. The Waterfront Park will encompass natural elements while strengthening the community with new gathering spaces, pathway connections, and water and leisure activities for residents to enjoy for generations.

The Park will recognize and honour the region’s rich and diverse Indigenous and non-Indigenous history and cultures through a community-driven design covering 6km of Waterfront from the Athabasca Bridge to Horse Pasture Park in Waterways.

For more information about this initiative, visit the Downtown Revitalization page.

Call Posted by:
Public Art Wood Buffalo
Contact Information:
Call Deadline:
août 8, 2021
All Regions
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts
Priority Community:
Indigenous artists
English (Anglaise)

Apply for the Seniors Open Call 

FREE to Submit 

Exhibition Dates

September 8th – October 25th at the Timms Community Centre ‘Walkway Gallery’ and the ‘AIFS Online Galleries’.Submission Deadline: August 23, 2021

Specifics for this call:

Artists must be 60 or older to apply for this call. 


Please ensure your work follows the LAC’s definition of an ‘Original Artwork’

Original artwork is created at the hand of the artist who is submitting the work. The creation process must be the effort of a single individual to convey their own personal interpretation of an image or multiple images. Submitting artists are allowed to use reference photos to inspire their work, but artists must use their own design and composition for the final artwork to be considered an original.
If you are submitting a photo medium please ensure the main focal point of the image was taken by the artist and is not a stock image. We do allow stock images to be used in submitted artworks however it must not make up more than 30% of the entire finished artwork.

Please submit artwork that has not been shown in any of the LAC’s previous exhibitions.

Artists are welcome to submit 3 artworks for consideration and will receive a notice via email about the status of their submission after the show’s submission deadline.

All artworks must be for sale, and any sales that take place during the duration of the exhibition must be facilitated through the LAC.

This call can only accommodate artwork that can be hung on a wall and all artworks must remain hung for the duration of the exhibition.

All artwork must be suitably prepared for display. Artworks must be appropriately framed or stretched with finished sides and properly wired for hanging, using d-hooks and wire. The D hooks should be 4” from the top of the frame or 1/3 of the height of the frame. The stretched wire should be 2” below the top of the frame. The Langley Arts Council reserves the right to refuse any piece. Work not properly prepared may not be exhibited (consult with Gallery Director regarding any questions or special considerations before exhibition).

If you are accepted to this exhibition your artwork will also be featured on the virtual online gallery. Click here to see the AIFS Online Galleries. Since your artwork will be featured on the online Gallery it is imperative we receive high-quality image submissions from you.

Photographing your Artwork

We’ve provided two resources for artists on how to successfully photograph their artwork. Since this is a digital platform it is imperative to have good quality images. These resources should help you to achieve that.

1. “How to Photograph a Painting, Step by Step” by Artists Network Staff

2. “How to Document Your Artwork with Jannette Maedel” by the Surrey Art Gallery


The Langley Arts Council takes a 30% commission on all artwork sales in our brick-and-mortar galleries. Since this exhibition will be online as well as in one of the AIFS Brick-and-Mortar galleries there will be a 30% commission taken on sales.

Jurying Process 

Download the juror’s package for more information 2021 Jurors Package.pdf

Call Deadline:
août 23, 2021
British Columbia
All Regions
Artistic Discipline:
Visual Arts
Priority Community:
Marginalized or Under-Served Communities
English (Anglaise)

Block A is for playwrights who have written in class or in their kitchens, maybe had a short piece produced. And for theatre artists who have thought of themselves primarily as actors or as stage managers or directors, but have the itch to write for performance. It’s for artists who write for all kinds of performance from spoken word to performance art to songs, who primarily write for themselves or someone else to perform live in front of an audience. We’ve even had a few screenwriters who want to learn classic playwriting skills to help them build story and action. Each Block A cohort of six writers meets for ten weeks with a senior playwright mentor who offers fundamentals of writing for performance and helps engage their cohorts to be creatively generative and supportive of each other’s writing. The content and flow of Block A depends on the varied interests of the writers and the playwright mentor, who integrates their own practices and inspirations into the sessions.They learn from each other and get a sense of the collaborative nature of theatre-making.

Applications are now open for Block A.

The Fall cohort of six writers meets for ten weeks beginning in mid-October.

The Winter cohort meets for ten weeks beginning mid-January.

The playwright mentors will be announced by mid-August.

If you have no preference for cohort, please let us know.  To be in Block A, you must be able to attend the majority of 10 evening sessions, usually on Mondays or Tuesdays beginning at 6 pm. We are considering a hybrid of in-person and online sessions dependent on BC Public Health Order guidelines starting in September and the needs of Block A participants and mentors. Accepted Block A participants will be updated about exact details of participation as soon as we can before their first session.

Your application should include:

  • a short sample or samples of your work (can be spoken word, a monologue, short play – we encourage writers in all forms to apply)
  • a letter telling us how you expect Block A to assist you with your writing/theatre-making
  • a resume with your creative experience

PTC is committed to making all our programs as economically accessible as possible. What this means is that Block A participants will be able to pay whatever they choose for their Block A fee. Historically, PTC has charged $250 +GST per participant, but participants will be able to pay any amount they choose, no questions asked.

Application must be received no later than August 19, 2021. We will let you know by early September whether or not we can include you in one of these two cohorts.

Call Deadline:
août 19, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
Literary arts, Performing arts - Theatre, Performing arts - Other
English (Anglaise)

The 33rd Hackett Park Arts & Crafts Fair is here!

August 14th and 15th, 10AM – 5PM
Entrance: Dolphin St and Ocean Ave, Sechelt

Calling all Vendors!

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council is thrilled to announce the return of the Hackett Park Arts & Crafts fair for 2021. We have been working closely with Vancouver Coastal Health to give our local artisan vendors a safe and exciting opportunity to share their works with our local community.

We are now accepting applications from vendors! Please fill out the application linked below to submit.

About Hackett Park Arts & Crafts Fair

This juried fair offers the finest works of Sunshine Coast artisans, for whom Hackett Park has been a significant source of revenue for over 30 years. In keeping with our ongoing tradition, the fair will be held on the third weekend of August, to coincide with the popular Festival of the Written Arts.

This year’s event will take place in the upper field of Hackett Park, affording us lots of extra space to spread out and gather safely to support our local artists and artisans. The event will feature live music and entertainment, as well as an assortment of food vendors in a shaded picnic area.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, The Hackett Park Arts & Crafts Fair will be looking a little different this year. We have been working closely with Vancouver Coastal Health to make the fair as safe as possible for guests, vendors, and our local community. Our full COVID Safety plan is available at the following link.

The entrance to the fair is located at the corner of Dolphin St. and Ocean Ave. in Sechelt. Admission is by donation for adults and seniors, and free for children under twelve.

Call Deadline:
août 10, 2021
National (All)
Artistic Discipline:
English (Anglaise)

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