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  • Keyword: Searches a specific phrase you type in the title and description of the organization.
  • Province/Territory: The province or territory the services of the organization are available in. Upon selecting a province, an option to select a region becomes available within that province or territory. (Note that the address of the organization may be different than the availability within provinces and territories.)
  • Service Type: This outlines the different types of services organizations provide, which we display in the database.
  • Discipline: The artistic discipline this organization practices.
    Advanced Search:

  • Priority Community: Some organizations prioritize providing services to under-served, minority, or marginalized communities. Use this search filter to find organizations designed for members of communities you identify with.
  • Organization Community: Some organizations identify as being a part of priority communities. Use this filter to find organizations which identify themselves as being part of these communities.
  • Organization Type: This filter specifies the funding structure of the service. Use this filter to find services of differing governance levels.