Your Arts Council, Cornwall and the Counties

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Address: 125 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario Canada K6J 3P5


Phone Number Not Provided

Services Offered: Facilities, Places & Equipment, Advocacy

Organization Type: Non-profit

Your Arts Council, Cornwall & the Counties is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to the proliferation of performance, visual, and literary arts in our community. Our overarching guiding principle is that Artists are successful. This means that we try to provide artists and the community with the tools and resources necessary for the achievement of that goal. It is our belief that our whole community will benefit from an enriched quality of life when there is a profusion of sustainable Art happening in it.

    Priority Community:

    Communities Organization Self-Identifies With:

    Artistic Discipline: Any or All Disciplines

    Province/Territory Service is Provided: Ontario

    Region: Ottawa Region

    Language: English (Anglaise), Francais (French)

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