The Modern Times Stage Company

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Address: #126, 1 Wiltshire Avenue Toronto, Ontario, M6N 2V7


Phone No.: 1-647-210-0598

Services Offered: Producing & Creation

Organization Type: Non-profit

The Modern Times Stage Company was established in Toronto in 1989. We create original plays, revisit classical work and translate the plays of Iranian dramatists.

Themes of loneliness, the mystery of existence, the search for happiness and truth, and the conflict between Fate and Will are often at the centre of Modern Times’ works. The productions are usually placeless and timeless ; design elements are ultimately more like archetypes. Archetypes transcend cultural and political borders, and this is what the company strives for in its creations: to move away from ideology towards a human vocabulary that speaks across civilizations.

    Priority Community:

    Communities Organization Self-Identifies With: Ethnoreligious Group

    Artistic Discipline: Performing arts - Theatre

    Province/Territory Service is Provided: Ontario

    Region: Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

    Language: English (Anglaise), Francais (French)

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