Shakespeare In The Ruins

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Address: Unit Y 300-393 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3B 3H6


Phone No.: (204) 957-1753

Services Offered: Facilities, Places & Equipment, Producing & Creation

Organization Type: Non-profit

Shakespeare in the Ruins (SIR) is a professional Canadian theatre company that is best known for presenting Shakespeare outdoors in unique settings.

Shakespeare’s words connect us across the barriers of time, culture and status.

As Manitoba’s premier classical company since 1993, SIR bears the responsibility of unearthing and reimaging texts that might otherwise be forgotten. Additionally, we aim to give Manitobans the opportunity to bring our own cultural trademark to the plays of that rich repertoire.

Moreover, SIR does more than put on plays: we give people a full sensory experience.  Audiences don’t go to the Ruins exclusively to see Shakespeare: they want to explore the Trappist Heritage Park and feel inspired by the beauty of Nature. In our productions, the rich imagery of Shakespeare’s words meets the astonishing imagery of the surroundings. Indeed, it is through that unique combination that the company thrives in making Shakespeare our own.

In other words, SIR is woven into the fabric of Manitoban history; and we aim to reflect ourselves in Shakespeare’s timeless works, exploring our rich cultural diversity and contemporary complexities.

SIR seeks to establish a genuine connection between performers and audiences, fostering a life-long love of theatre.

Finally, rather than providing an escape from current events, we center our work inside the realities of our times; bridging the gap between Shakespeare and us; giving audiences a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of his works – as well as a really, really good time.

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    Artistic Discipline: Performing arts - Theatre

    Province/Territory Service is Provided: Manitoba

    Region: Winnipeg (Winnipeg Metro Region)

    Language: English (Anglaise)

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