Muhtadi International Drumming Festival

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Phone No.: 416-848-3838

Services Offered: Producing & Creation

Organization Type: Non-profit

For twenty years the Muhtadi International Drumming Festival has been the place where an eclectic, mix of drummers and drum enthusiasts from many cultures meet for their annual joint celebration of the Drum.

The Muhtadi International Drumming Festival is a 2-day multicultural extravaganza that showcases 30+ performers/groups playing an eclectic array of drums from a beautiful mix of nations.

With the slogan Our Drumbeats Connect Heartbeats, this festival has created a unique drumming community from several Nations in Canada. The Festival has spawned numerous unlikely long-lasting friendships. Two people who met at the festival came back to get married at the festival. The Festival mirrors the temperament and personality of its founder Muhtadi Thomas. The atmosphere is always warm, inviting and all-inclusive.

In a much-understated way, this festival has provided a unique platform for mutual respect, unity and a joyful multicultural celebration of life in Canada. For the last nineteen of Canada’s 150 years, audiences and performers at the Muhtadi International Drumming Festival have experienced an organic mix of music, mutual admiration of customs and traditions, and love for each other as Canadians.

    Priority Community:

    Communities Organization Self-Identifies With: Artists of Colour

    Artistic Discipline: Music and Sound

    Province/Territory Service is Provided: Ontario

    Region: Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

    Language: English (Anglaise)

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