Driftwood Theatre Group

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Address: PO Box 65004, RPO Chester Toronto, ON | M4K 3Z2

Email: contactus@driftwoodtheatre.com

Phone No.: 416 605 5132

Services Offered: Producing & Creation

Organization Type: Charity

Driftwood Theatre believes in accessible, live theatre for everyone in Ontario. We envision communities connected through the immediacy and shared power of theatre experiences which are reflective of the world we live in.

Driftwood Theatre breaks down barriers to experiencing and participating in theatre art by bringing theatre and engagement opportunities to audiences in Ontario who may not have access to professional performance.

We support dialogue and collaboration between urban and rural artists and communities.

We provide mentorship, training and outreach to encourage our new generation of theatre artists, administrators, technicians and audiences.

We encourage people who are geographically, culturally, economically, and generationally diverse to reconsider the world around them through inspired exploration of Canada’s and the world’s greatest theatre in non-traditional settings.

We broaden our collective understanding of ‘classic’ theatre through new interpretations of the work of William Shakespeare and other great playwrights, even as we invest in the development of today’s voices in Canadian Theatre – the classics of tomorrow.

    Priority Community: New Generation Artists, Artists Living in Rural Regions

    Communities Organization Self-Identifies With:

    Artistic Discipline: Performing arts - Theatre

    Province/Territory Service is Provided: Ontario

    Region: Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

    Language: English (Anglaise)

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