Slide Lisa Cristinzo "In order to completely dismantle this system, a radical change needs to happen. Inclusion is one part of that process, but the real work is changing the environment where unconscious and conscious biases create oppression and racial injustices." - Lisa Cristinzo Slide “Art is a great way to be a part of history and tell stories, create something that will live on forever and reflect the changes of our time.” Borelson - Borelson Slide Chrris Lowe "The most important tool in my practice is my health, period." - Chrris Lowe Slide "The vulnerability I feel and have been witnessing around me has inspired me to take more responsibility around the work I choose to do and the projects I produce. " - Alicia Roberts Slide “Love is a feel good emotion, it brings people together and I think that’s what art is all about too; that human connection and intimacy of our inner selves and those around us.” - Kiyana Nielson Kiyana Nielson

what’s next for Canada’s artists?

This evolving section addresses what is going on now in the Canadian arts community. Browse articles, profiles, resources, and discussions around the future and vitality of the arts in Canada. Take virtual tours, find space for your next show, join the conversion and explore how artists are responding to the questions of today.

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The Artist Spotlight series aims to celebrate creators at a time when art is being consumed the most. We wanted to invite individuals working within the creative field allowing to voice their opinions and suggestions for the improvement, development and future of the Canadian creative community.

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Mood is a series of playlists curated by local creatives to appease all of your feels this summer. To submit your playlist to be featured, email

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