In order to submit a newsletter, you need a Google account, and access to your Google Drive. You must also be logged into your User Account on artsUNITE/UNITÉ des arts.

Step 1: Upload your newsletter to your Google Drive as a .pdf file. For more information about how to export an email as a .pdf with working images and links, refer to the Help page.

Step 2: Make a public share link for the Google Drive file. Right click on the file, and click “Share.” Then, click “Get Link.” Ensure the settings in the “Get Link” window read “Anyone with the link can view.”

Step 3: Copy the Google Drive Unique Identifier, and paste it in the field below. The identifier can be found in the share link. See the example link with the identifier in bold:

From the example above, you would only paste the following into the form below:


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