National Supports & Resources for Canadian New Comers

Checking in on your friends, family and loved ones during the pandemic is important. However, not everyone has the capacity to offer support or even get access to up- to- date information. Folks who are new to the country may face additional barriers including language, mobility and financial restrictions. Newcomers to Canada can access a number of free online resources, whether looking for professional or financial advice, social and or mental health supports, or a community network. Check out a few of the links below:


  • Arrive – Arrive makes it easier for to Canada gain access to the information and assistance they need. Online tools and resources are available 24/7 including a curated community to help build your social and professional network. They have a page of pandemic resources sorted by province, available here.
  • The United Way, Bruce Grey – Offers support and resources for newcomers to Canada during the pandemic, including comprehensive tips on how to Call 211 and receive appropriate assistance, how to translate online PDFs, and more. They launched a separate digital project available in 24 languages, Newcomer information Bruce Grey, for newcomers, service providers, volunteers, and the general public to access valued information and community resources. Select your desired language at the top of the page.
  • Government of Canada Pandemic Awareness Resource List –  Available in multiple languages
  • The Canadian Red Cross – The Canadian Red Cross offers an extensive network of programs and services that actively reach out and serve their local communities. Search for local services and resources for newcomers, by province, here.


  • – is an online resource about and for newcomers to Ontario which includes legal/government assistance,  information on education and professional development, as well as updated and relevant news on the pandemic.
  • Quick Reference Pandemic Resource Guide/ FAQ– Compiled and made public through The Neighbourhood arts network, this plain – language and continually updates master document includes contact information by province, as well as how-to’s and tips for subsidy applications, local resources for childcare and employment, and more. Check it out, here.
  • The 519’s Friendly Check-in Program – Formerly known as The 519 Church Street Community Centre, the 519 is a Canadian non-profit organization that normally operates a community center in Toronto. While they face physical closure due to the pandemic, they are offering assistance and up-to-date information for New Canadians in response to the pandemic, find out more here

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