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We have all now heard the sentiment, “It’s not enough to not be racist. You must be anti-racist.” If you haven’t, you are not paying attention.

Here are a few anti-racism resources and lists for allies who are still not sure how to make a tangible start:

At work:

  • Black Cartoon Illustrations –  This website offers free, elegant illustrations of Black people for your next digital project to ensure representation.
  • Sign up for a webinar or tune into a panel about how to talk about anti-black racism in practice.
  • Anti -Black Racism Resources – Compiled by the United Steel Workers Union in the US and Canada, this exhaustive list includes educational resources for allies, as well as a list of places to donate, support and follow.

At home:

  • Black History Month Library – A public google drive with hundreds of publications on, by and for Black people from anthropology to music to radical political movements.
  • A Master List of Anti- Racism Resources for White people that includes books, movies and other publications.
  • A Guide to Resources – Music Supervisor Rob Lowry created a comprehensive guide for his white family and friends called Acknowledging Your Privilege and Becoming an Ally. Good Black News, an amazing publisher focused on highlighting the good Black people do, give and receive all over the world, has made their resources available online here.
  • Anti-Racism Resources compiled by Black and Indigenous leaders to help us, white folks in particular, unlearn racism and colonialism and take action for justice.

At school:

  • The Anti Racism Resource Centre – Founded out of Peterborough, ON, has tools for educators interested in teaching the histories and present-day realities of race and racism in Canada. For a list of their resources, click here.

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