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Mood is a series of playlists curated by local creatives to appease all of your feels this summer. To submit your playlist to be featured, email

This week’s playlists were curated by Teya Zuzek, a modern day renaissance woman. A food critic, a photog, a kick boxer, a lover of wildflower bouquets, Teya shares a small selection of some of her favourite playlists available via Apple Music.

“I went to school for film, and that’s made me look at everything like a movie. Like a soundtrack, music really sets the tone for every moment to be portrayed in all of its intimacy” – TZ

WFH – via Apple Music

“I starting making playlists at the beginning of quarantine as a way to regain control over my environment. I live alone and didn’t feel like listening to podcasts, so this one is just chill vibes that help me to get work done.”

Pop Pleasure – via Apple Music

“I was in need of some guilty pleasures to get through spring in isolation, something to keep my mood up, something to dance to.”

Pop Punk VS. Quarantine – via Apple Music

” This was me reliving my past but also, ANGST”

Rom-com Vibes – via Apple Music

“This is what the soundtrack to the film of my life would be. This is literally me singing, THIS MY HEART, PLEASE ACCEPT ME!”

Early 10’s University party – via Apply Music

“All of these bring back nostalgia and made me feel like I wasn’t alone down here (in my basement apartment). I’m always looking for ways to make quarantine happier, this can really change the vibe if I’m bored and itching to go out.”

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