Mood: a playlist curated by Tameesha Holder

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Mood is a series of playlists curated by local creatives to appease all of your feels this summer. To submit your playlist to be featured, email

This week’s playlist was curated by Tameesha Holder, a Scarborough -based community-engaged producer, project manager and curator. Tameesha has collaborated with various artists throughout the creative community to produce passion projects such as installations, panels and workshops. Her artistry focuses on the research, documentation and analysis of the black experience, through exploring their relationships with new media technologies. For her, storytelling is a collaborative process that takes a multitude of voices to help disrupt and shift understandings of the human condition. Check out her playlist below.

From Dusk to Dawn – via Apple Music

“Making this playlist was an exercise in compiling all of the many moods and feelings I experience in a day, into an hour. Although at first glance this list may seem a little obscure, it begins like many of my days; with a slow rise, getting out of bed and getting my day started. It picks up throughout, mirroring the burst of energy that usually comes midday when I’m feeling up to taking on any challenges the day has to offer. That same rhythm is kept towards the end of my day as I’m starting to wind down. I usually have to get out that last bit of energy before I can completely let go of the day, start to relax and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.”

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