Mental Health Mondays: Free Covid-19 & Mental Health Resources

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Recognizing the mental and emotional strain many folks in our community are feeling, the Launchpad Wellness Team has put together a list of free Covid-19 & Mental Health Resources below:

Free Virtual Therapy (drop in free therapy, like a walk in clinic, for Toronto) (drop in free therapy, like a walk in clinic, for Peel) (for Toronto) (Peel area phone, drop in therapy by appointment)

Affordable Therapy (offers sliding scale)

Free Therapy-like Support

Covid-19 CAMH Discussion Forum 

Resource for the Helper: How to Support Others with Mental Health

Grief Resources – covid-19-pandemic-4801931

Self-Help Resources

Resources for Kids and Parents down to section that says ‘child care and supporting children

Resources for Health Care Workers

Non-Crisis Support Lines/Online Chat (16 – 29 year olds) (LGBTQ2SI youth)

Additional Mental Health Resources (searchable list of resources) (webinars, podcasts, articles and list of resources) grief-and-healing (for grief and loss and trauma) wellness-support/ (free counselling and resources for LGBTQ2SI youth) (matches you to a therapist)

Launchpad Wellness Free Virtual Events

April 28, May 19:  A Guided Meditation with Bianca Venerayan 

May 6: Breath Move Recover 

Citations: Thank you to our friends at Launchpad Wellness for putting together these amazing resources:

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