Mental Health Mondays: 5 Yoga Poses To Help Improve Mental Wellness

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1. Tree Pose


Benefits: Tree pose is the perfect posture to practice balance and improve mental concentration. 

          INTO THE POSE:

    1. Bring your feet/toes together
    2. Anchor your Left/Right foot into your mat 
    3. Inhale your Right /Left foot to your inner calf, thigh, or ankle 
    4. Inhale arms to heart centre or to the sky                                                                                             

          OUT OF THE POSE:

    1. Slowly bring your leg back to center
    2. Release your arms to heart centre, release your foot to the ground
    3. Repeat on the opposite side 

2. Seated Forward Fold 

Benefits: Forward folds are known to help calm your central nervous system.

          INTO THE POSE:

    1. Sitting on your mat with your legs in front
    2. Exhale as you bend your torso towards your knees (leading with your heart)
    3. Hands reach for the ankle or foot

         OUT OF THE POSE:

    1. Release your hands from the ankle or foot
    2. Lengthen your spine to an upright position

3.Legs up the Wall

Benefits: Legs up the wall pose is known to release stress/tension and create deep relaxation.

          INTO THE POSE:

    1. Bring the short end of your mat to touch the wall
    2. Sit with your Left or Right hip and shoulder touching the wall
    3. Lie down on your side and roll onto your back
    4. Bring your legs up the wall. Option to bring legs together or in a V-shape

         OUT OF THE POSE:

    1. Bend your knees and roll onto your side
    2. Lift yourself up to a seated position

4.Child’s Pose


Benefits: Child’s pose is a great posture to cool and calm down the mind/body. 

          INTO OF THE POSE:

    1. Big toes to touch and knees hip-width apart 
    2. Sit your hips to your heels
    3. Place the backs off your hands/arms alongside you
    4. Forehead on the mat

         OUT OF THE POSE:

    1. Palms into the mat
    2. Lift your forehead and torso                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

5. Shavasana 

Benefits: Shavasana is known to help calm the mind, regulate the nervous system and reduce anxiety.                   

                         INTO THE POSE:

      1. Extend your legs in front and arms alongside you to your final resting pose
      2. Allow yourself to release compassion to the universe
      3. And Breathe 


    Yoga Sequence: Yoga By B.Lynn ( 

    Photographer: Patricia Sequeira Photography ( )

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