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Uncertainty has always been second nature to me. I’ve always recognized the mere fact that myself and members of my community are always on someone’s radar, there’s always that looming understanding that someone may be watching, that there are people with pure hatred for my race and religion and in their eyes, we are disposable.

Living here has played a toll on my existence and mental well-being but my spirituality and my relationship with Allah has strengthened me, it has granted me peace. Art has also been a vessel of advocacy and community building. By the Train was written during a time when I was experiencing train track anxiety. It was an outlet for me to release my fears into words.

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Last year, I created Habasooda Media @habasooda, an online space dedicated to sharing the richness of the Muslim experience. Habasooda is committed to sharing diverse Muslim narratives, and strives to reflect the realities of being Muslim in the 21st century, while aiming to demonstrate the uniqueness, beauty and strength of Muslims around the world. I’ve been so grateful for this community of individuals that are committed to change and are always there to share laughs, cry and be. At this point in time, there are many external threats but I want to urge people to always try to make some time for you especially when the world is seemingly falling apart. Self-care and community care are forms of radical activism.

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    About the Author: niya.abdullahi1

    Niya Abdullahi is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Anti-Racism & Anti-Islamophobia Educator, Tech-Enthusiast and founder of @Habasooda, a platform dedicated to sharing the richness of the Muslim experience through a variety of storytelling avenues. Themes of identity, liberation and resistance informs her work.

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