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Check out these incredible learning events happening in November!!


HOW TO: open a gallery
When: November 2, 5-6:30PM
As a gallery director, I (James Hewitt) plan to discuss and describe my experiences finding, establishing a role in, and contributing to the art world from the stages of post-secondary to mid-career. My goal is to impart both instructions and cautionary pathways to achieving success on different levels in the world of galleries, museums, and public institutions reflected in my personal experiences, and those I have mentored under.



Showcase Our Work Worldwide
When: November 6th, 4-7PM
November 7th, 10AM-1PM
As an artist being able to show your work to the public is something that we all aspire to do. Being able to properly navigate and communicate with galleries and venues abroad is essential.  When we’re given the opportunity to show internationally, we not only get to expand our audience, but we also grow as artists.




Booking & Touring as an Independent Artist
When: November 6th, 4-7PM
November 7th, 10AM-1PM

Fresh Kils, the veteran of the road and stage, will layout a comprehensive presentation of the tools, methodology, and strategy required to book your own tour as an independent artist. From research and communicative skills to performance advice and merchandise, attendees will both understand how, and be empowered, to take their shows on the road.



PROFILE: Musician and Performing Artist featuring Maylee Todd
When: November 10th, 5-6PM
How does someone become successful? What does it mean to be successful? What are the ways of establishing yourself in the Canadian cultural scene?

Every month we invite high-calibre artists and creatives to talk about their career path, roadblock, failures, and learnings, 30-40 min interview followed with a Q&A from the audience will equip you with practical advice on navigating in the professional art industry. This is a conversation about Maylee’s Todd practice from experience and inspiration to tools and tips to navigate the industry.


The Art of the Start – 1 – Commercial Strategy

When: November 11th, 4 – 5:30PM
Creative entrepreneurs must find a way to generate income from their art. This workshop explores the various ways creative businesses can develop a commercial offering to consumers and sustainable business models.




The Art of the Start – 2 – Content Strategy

When:November 18th, 4-5:30PM
In order to tell your brand’s story, you need to make content that matters. This workshop provides participants with the necessary frameworks and tools to help tell their story and connect with target audiences through creative content.




The Art of the Start – 3 – E-Commerce

When: November 25th, 4-5:30PM
As more businesses continue to shift their focus towards E-Commerce, it has become prerequisite to building a successful business. This workshop covers the platforms, approaches and tools available to creative entrepreneurs to sell their products and services online.




Making It To Market: Independent Media Distribution

When: November 20th, 4-7PM
November 21th, 10AM-1PM

Making an independent media production is half the work. Now you have to market, sell and distribute it. What are your objectives and options? Where do you start? How do you identify, develop and engage an audience? What is “discoverability” and how can you achieve it? Who can help you?



Ableton Live for Beginners
When: November 26th, 4-5:30PM

In this workshop, we will learn the basic fundamentals of the interface and build a beat using the midi instruments within the DAW.




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About the Author: Thea Fitz-James

Thea Fitz-James is part academic and part theatre practitioner. She holds a PhD in Performance Studies from York University and is the program manager for artsUNITE.

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