Job tips on Tik Tok!?

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If you have a cellphone, chances are you’ve heard of Tik Tok. If you’re on Tik Tok, you know the algorithm can take you to some strange places. Apparently mine could sense my age and thought I could use some tips for advancing my career.

Layla Shaikley,is really good at productivity, interned at NASA, and along with her fellow MIT and Harvard grads raised $15 million for their Delivery Management Platform.

She offers advice from how to make your resume stand out, to how to score high with interviewer metrics, to my personal fave, a quick tip on how to make your cross-sector experience make sense, which is key for every Millennial working on their resume right now.

For more clever content you need right now like hacks for Zoom calls and how to manage productivity at home, check out @laylool on Tik Tok.

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