How to Produce an Art Market to Support Your Community

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How to Produce an art Market. Support your community of creators and local businesses. 1. Find a location. Look around your local community for a business or community that could host 10-20 artists and tables/tents. Many business owners would love to support the arts and it draws attention to them as well! Check if there are any regulations like permits or insurance. Make sure the location is accessible to all abilities. 2. Invite artists. Decide if you are going to personally invite artists or if you will post a call for artists. You may want to focus just on one media, like painting or have a great mix of different materials and styles. is this market for experienced artists or for new-to-doing art shows artists? Take care to include Black, Indigenous and People of Colour artists and also those who otherwise face barriers to participating. You may want to consider offering one subsidized spot for under-waged or student artists. 3. Create a list of guidelines. Make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. A guide that includes how much space each artist gets, how they will take payment, if there is a fee to participate, who will advertise, price point suggestions, the date and time and cancellation policy. 4. Marketing. Each artist can advertise with their social media, email lists, and personal contacts. Send details of your event to local media. Post your event listing for free on event listing sites for your city. Invite one of the artists to make a digital poster that can be printed also! Decide if you will use part of the fee to create paid advertising. 5. Day of the Event. Are you ready? Have everyone arrive at least one hour early to setup. Be on hand to help in case of any problems. Know where the washrooms are! 6. Wrap up. Think about having a survey for artists to fill out to give you feedback on the event. What could run smoother, and what can be improved for next time. Celebrate! Presented with assistance from artsUNITE. Created by Jessica Ruth Freedman.


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    About the Author: Jessica Ruth Freedman

    Jessica Ruth Freedman is an emerging Canadian contemporary painter working in acrylic and mixed media. A former modern and ballet dancer, Jessica’s artwork explores the relationship between the natural world and our physical and mental environments through movement, architecture, and music brought to life on the canvas.

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