Brenda MacIntyre, or Medicine Song Woman, shares songs for grief, trauma, post-pandemic recovery and the striking similarities between losing a loved one to murder and the experience of living through the 2020-2021 pandemic. From PTSD, depression and anxiety, to isolation and wondering what’s going to happen next, Brenda will share with you how to get through this crazy time as well as how to get through the grief you might not even know you have and how to recover afterwards.

Get tips on how to pick up the pieces of yourself and your life during and after a traumatic event. As you will hear, it is not about “going back to normal” but rather about moving into who we are becoming in this time of the Great Reawakening. This pandemic music was made for grief in 2019 and is accidentally perfect for post-pandemic recovery and Brenda’s personal stories and revelations about how to cope with the strange impact 2020 and 2021 are having on us individually and globally.

Enjoy this pandemic music & stories of grief & recovery. Songs shared from the Picking Up the Pieces album. Listen or buy the music here: