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April and October



Contact Information

Elizabeth Braoudakis

Program Administrator


Phone Number: 416.969.7412


All funds are available in English and French.

Grant Description

This program supports touring and circulation by Ontario artists, arts groups and arts organizations for audiences across Ontario, Canada and internationally. Grants fund touring presentations and exhibitions in all artistic practices funded by OAC. Tours may also include engagements for audience-building, artist-presenter networking, and market development activities. The program has two categories:

  • Category 1 – Tour
  • Category 2 – Large-scale tour

Engagements must take place outside of the applicant’s home city, town or First Nation. Exceptions are made for school tours within Ontario, where engagements may take place in the applicant’s home city, town or First Nation.


A tour can be based on one confirmed presentation or exhibition engagement at the invitation of a presenter. Projects must include plans for at least three engagements with distinct presenters or hosts.


OAC encourages the development of environmentally sustainable practices in touring and circulation, including slow tours (tours with longer stays at each stop), tours to multiple stops close to one another, and hybrid tours (tours with both virtual and in-person presentation or exhibition).

    Additional Information

    Grant amount(s)
    Category 1 – Tour (minimum 3 stops): maximum $30,000
    Category 2 – Large-Scale Tour (minimum 3 stops): minimum $30,001 - maximum $75,000
    Category 3 – Tour to a Significant Public Arts Festival/Event: maximum $30,000

    Eligibility Requirements

    Applicant Type
    Individual, Organization
    Artistic Discipline
    Any or All Disciplines
    Funding Type
    Priority Community
    Career Type


    Minimum Fund Amount


    Maximum Fund Amount