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Nunavut Film Development Corporation

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Phone Number: (867) 979-3012


All funds are available in English and French.

Grant Description

The Creative Content Development Fund provides for the development of creative content for film,
television and digital media. This program has been established to:

  • To support the growth of a community of content creators in Nunavut
  • To assist Nunavut production companies to develop digital media content, particularly that
    which is interactive and convergent to existing television programming

A project may apply for up to three grants of $7,500 each.

Applicants applying for second and third grants under the fund must:
a) have successfully completed the previous grant phase to the satisfaction of Nunavut Film
b) must have demonstrated market interest in the project through third party funding from an arm’s
length party active in the industry

    Additional Information

    Film, television and digital media projects in the early or later phases of drafting and design and preproduction are eligible. Applications for development of projects intended for production in Nunavut will
    be given priority.

    Eligibility Requirements

    Applicant Type
    Individual, Organization
    Artistic Discipline
    Media Arts
    Funding Type
    Project: Creating and Presenting
    Priority Community
    Career Type


    Minimum Fund Amount


    Maximum Fund Amount