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Ontario Creates is an agency of the provincial government whose mandate is to be a catalyst for economic development, investment and collaboration in Ontario’s creative industries including the music, book, magazine, film, television and interactive digital media sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Ontario Creates is committed to delivering high-impact support that creates jobs and economic opportunities for Ontarians and that contributes to an advantageous business environment for growth. Through targeted programs and services, support for innovation, and by leveraging public and private partnerships, Ontario Creates builds the capacity and competitiveness of the Province’s creative industries to deliver award-winning content that is enjoyed by audiences across Ontario and around the world.

Ontario’s screen, publishing, and music industries are a global success story. Collectively and individually, these industries are strong and growing, and make important contributions to the Province’s economy and cultural vitality. Ontario Creates is proud of the impact that our programs and services have had on building strong and successful companies across the creative industries, and in contributing to a high quality of life that makes Ontario an attractive jurisdiction for domestic and foreign investment.

Business growth, global investment and export, and the creation of an innovation-and knowledge-based economy are key to Ontario’s future growth and prosperity. In addition to investing in the creation and marketing of content and companies through tax credits and funding programs, Ontario Creates is focused on developing a diverse and talented workforce, ensuring sustainable production practices, and promoting Ontario as an ideal business location and Ontario’s companies as world-class leaders and partners.

Ontario Creates has enabled creative industry companies to increase productivity, build scale, mitigate risks, access international markets, and achieve critical and commercial success. Our investments help to ensure that Ontario is a better place to live and work, that Ontario companies continue to be global leaders in the domestic and international marketplace, and that Ontario maintains its competitive position as a leading jurisdiction for providing innovative and effective support to a thriving world class Entertainment and Creative Cluster.



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Artistic Discipline
Literary arts, Performing arts - Other, Media Arts, Music and Sound
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Project: Creating and Presenting, Building Audiences, Engaging Communities, Research, Professional Development, Strategic Funding
Priority Community
Indigenous artists, Artists of Colour, LGBTQIA2S+, Women, New Generation Artists, Artists Living in Rural Regions, Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs), francophone, Deaf Artists and Artists with Disabilities, Marginalized or Under-Served Communities, Low-income, Immigrant, Refugee, or New To Canada
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