Nunavut Spend Incentive Program

Nunavut Film Development Corporation

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All funds are available in English and French.

Grant Description

The Nunavut Spend Incentive Program is an initiative that awards production companies a rebate on the total eligible costs for production goods and services purchased and consumed in Nunavut. Only those eligible productions which spend more than $25,000 on goods and services consumed in Nunavut are eligible to apply for a rebate.

    Additional Information

    The following types of productions are eligible for rebate:
    - feature length films, including animation, documentary or docudrama, intended for
    release in commercial cinemas, DVD sales and rentals and download;
    - television programming intended for commercial broadcast, DVD sales and rentals and download
    including dramas, sitcoms, factual, variety, reality, lifestyle and animation for youth; and
    - digital media projects, including those convergent to a television program intended for cross
    platform digital media exploitation and/or download.

    Eligibility Requirements

    Applicant Type
    Individual, Organization
    Artistic Discipline
    Media Arts
    Funding Type
    Project: Creating and Presenting, Operational Funding
    Priority Community
    Artists Living in Rural Regions
    Career Type


    Minimum Fund Amount


    Maximum Fund Amount