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Government of New Brunswick

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Grant Description

The Built Heritage Program is directed at conservation-related aspects of built heritage rehabilitation projects. Built Heritage includes heritage buildings and heritage landscapes.

    Additional Information

    Built heritage rehabilitation projects that include conservation components for heritage buildings and/or landscapes owned by or subject to a long-term lease agreement with not-for-profit organizations are eligible under the program, where the places are:
    - Designated as one of the following:
    o Provincial Heritage Place;
    o Municipal Heritage Conservation Area or part thereof;
    o Local Historic Place;
    - Or where the building and/or landscape can be shown to have significant community heritage value.

    Eligibility Requirements

    Applicant Type
    Artistic Discipline
    Any or All Disciplines, Architecture, Literary arts, Performing arts - Dance, Performing arts - Theatre, Performing arts - Other, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Crafts/Artisan, Music and Sound
    Funding Type
    Project: Creating and Presenting
    Priority Community
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