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Phone Number: 1 800 263-2887


All funds are available in English and French.

Grant Description

Apply for a Grow grant to support a project already making an impact in your community, but that needs funding to grow, develop, and achieve even more.

  • Expand your successful project to reach new communities
  • Improve the quality and increase the impact of your project
  • Recreate or adapt a project you can prove works elsewhere

Funding term for projects is 24 to 36 months.

Successful Grow grant applications:

  • Have a clear alignment with the chosen Grant Result
  • Can demonstrate growth or increased impact in relation to the Grant Result
  • Have evidence that the expected growth and increased impact can be achieved, in relation to the Grant Result
  • Are existing projects that are ready to grow
    Additional Information

    The following are action areas for which funds are prioritized:

    - Active People: Fostering more active lifestyles
    - Connected People: Building inclusive and engaged communities together
    - Green People: Encouraging people to support a healthy and sustainable environment
    - Inspired people: Enriching people's lives through arts, culture and heritage
    - Promising Young People: Supporting the positive development of children and youth
    - Prosperous People: Enhancing people's economic well-being

    Eligibility Requirements

    Applicant Type
    Artistic Discipline
    Any or All Disciplines
    Funding Type
    Project: Creating and Presenting, Engaging Communities, Strategic Funding
    Priority Community
    Career Type


    Minimum Fund Amount


    Maximum Fund Amount