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Contact Information

Lauren Williams

Program Officer

Email: Lauren.Williams@novascotia.ca

Phone Number: (902) 471-5720


All funds are available in English and French.

Grant Description

The Emerging Artist Recognition Award recognizes artists of any age who are in the early stages of their professional career, have completed specialized training, and have presented their work publicly. Age is not a determining factor.

The awards help showcase the recipients’ work to residents of the province and to people beyond our borders. This visibility will encourage artistic and economic well-being for the recipients and contribute to the health of Nova Scotia’s artistic sector in support of a well-rounded community.

The Artist Recognition Awards are presented annually at the Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala Funded from the Nova Scotia Arts Endowment Fund, the award carries a cash value of $5,000.

It is an award of recognition and may be used by the recipient for any purpose.

Additional Information

Eligibility Criteria
Artists may be nominated by individuals or organizations. Nominees must have achieved professional recognition, as recognized within their arts discipline(s). Artists in all disciplines are eligible for nomination, including but not limited to Theatre, Dance, Circus Arts, Literary Arts, Music, Visual Arts, New Media, Media, Design and Craft.

The definition of professional is determined by the Status of the Artist Act including but not limited to the following criteria:
To have peer recognition
To have a history of public presentation
To have training appropriate to the artist's chosen discipline (including self-taught and/or apprenticeship training)
To earn income, fully or in part, from artistic activity
To demonstrate serious intent and devotion of energy to practicing art
An artist cannot be nominated for both an Emerging Artist Recognition Award and the Portia White Prize in the same year.

Previous recipients of an Emerging Artist Recognition Award cannot be nominated for another in the same category. Previous recipients of the Portia White Prize cannot be nominated for an Artist Recognition Award.

Only one nomination package can be submitted for an artist in a year.

Nominees must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and have been resident in the province for at least the past four years.

Nominator Statement
Applications must include a maximum one-page nominator’s written that describes the nominee’s artistic achievement. Assessors will be looking for excellence in artistic achievement, momentum for the future, professional recognition, and provincial and national recognition.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Type
Artistic Discipline
Any or All Disciplines
Funding Type
Priority Community
New Generation Artists
Career Type

Emerging/New Career

Minimum Fund Amount


Maximum Fund Amount