Digital Strategy Fund, Transformation of Organizational Models

Canada Council for the Arts

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The Transformation of Organizational Models component helps arts organizations adapt to the digital environment by transforming the way they work. It supports innovative digital initiatives that:

  • help arts organizations transform the way they work in order to address challenges, seize opportunities and adapt to a networked and connected environment.
    Additional Information

    This component supports both small-scale activities with short timelines and longer-term complex initiatives. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, initiatives that:

    - Develop and explore innovative new models, prototypes and experiments that will help arts organizations transform the way they work and allow them to better address the challenges and seize the opportunities of the digital era. Examples: testing new ideas as a minimal viable product, piloting projects with organizations, iterative freeware development.
    - Implement new governance or management approaches, workflow models, open linked data models and other innovative digital frameworks.
    - Reinforce, optimize, or scale up existing digital initiatives through preparatory activities or development to ensure their long term viability.

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