Digital Strategy Fund, Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement

Canada Council for the Arts

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The Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement component funds Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations to improve the public’s access, engagement and participation in the arts through digital means. It supports innovative digital initiatives that:

  • enhance the artistic experience of diverse publics;
  • encourage the participation and engagement of citizens with the arts;
  • increase discoverability and access to the works of Canadian artists, both at home and abroad.
    Additional Information

    This component supports both small-scale activities with short timelines and longer-term complex initiatives. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, initiatives that:

    - Develop and explore innovative new models, prototypes and experiments that will radically improve or transform citizen access to, experience of, and engagement with, the arts. Examples: testing new ideas as a minimal viable product, piloting projects with citizens, iterative freeware development, etc.
    - Implement open linked models and innovative digital frameworks. Examples: innovative use of metadata to further engage citizens, open platform development etc.
    - Reinforce, optimize, or scale up existing digital initiatives through preparatory activities or development to ensure their long term viability.

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