Financial Reporting & Advocacy – Tracking Lost Revenue Helps Inform Economic Recovery Efforts

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Although many Canadians are facing economic hardship since the start of the pandemic, there is a sense of solidarity and comfort in knowing that we are all experiencing this together. Even in these difficult times, there are small things that you can do to support the resiliency of your family, friends, neighbors, and community.

The Government and various advocacy agencies such as CARFAC are requesting Canadians, especially artists, creatives, and gig economy workers, to record their losses and the various ways their work and community have been impacted by restrictions and closures due to the pandemic. Many are using this data to advocate for additional financial support from the Canadian government for various arts sectors, organizations, and individuals. Check out a few of the tracking and survey tools for artists and other freelancers, below.

  • Statistics Canada – Stats Canada needs reliable information on the current economic and social situation, as well as on people’s physical and mental health, to effectively assess the needs of communities and implement suitable support measures during and after the pandemic. To participate in the survey, click here.
  • I Lost My Gig Canada – If you are a creative or freelancer working in the gig economy, I lost my gig has created a space to connect, share and record stories about how the pandemic has impacted your ability to work. Share your story, here.
  • The Craft Alliance – The Craft Alliance Atlantic Association has partnered with several Canadian organizations and craft industry partners to advocate to both the federal and provincial governments on behalf of the craft community in response to the current COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 crisis has hit the art & crafts sector hard from the closure of craft organizations, craft shops, craft centers, galleries, and exhibitions, as well as markets and trade shows. You can download and submit your Loss of Revenues document, here.
  • COVID19 Response – Organized through Artspond, COVID 19 Response is a collaborative task force aimed to bring together arts & culture leaders and organizations in Canada to develop and implement shared strategies that respond to and evaluate the impacts of the global pandemic. You can get involved by filling out the COVID19 Response Intake Form.

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