Join Artscape for the kick-off of its 2013 webinar series, “New Models for Cultural Space Development” with an introduction to the mysteries and delights of the development and operation of multi-tenanted centres for the arts. Join experts from Canada and the USA who have worked at the cutting edge of multi-tenanted arts centre development.

Developing Sustainable Cultural Space: Multi-Tenant Arts Centres 101 will feature short presentations by our panelists, followed by a facilitated discussion and Q+A session with your host, Artscape’s Creative Placemaking Lab Director, Pru Robey.

Tim Jones, President & CEO of Artscape, will discuss the challenges and key lessons Artscape has learned from 25 years of developing space for the creative and cultural sector.

China Brotsky, a leading expert in nonprofit social enterprises and the shared space model, will share her perspective on models for collaborative and multi-tenant centres in the wider non-profit sector and how they have been successfully applied in the creative and cultural sector.

This webinar will discuss the multi-tenant model from two different perspectives (within the cultural sector and the wider non-profit sector), and will answer questions such as:

-How does the multi-tenant model work financially?
-Why does the multi-tenant model work well in the cultural sector?
-How do multi-tenant cultural spaces contribute to the health and vitality of their communities?
-How do I make sure my multi-tenant space will be sustainable in the long run?
-What should I think about when choosing tenants for my project?