VSEAL’s Poetry for our Future! is always open to working with new facilitators and community partners. We are currently programming our summer and fall 2021 sessions!

Our workshops are made free and accessible to all participants, and come at no cost to our host organizations. We provide facilitators with an honorarium of $150 for every hour-long workshop and also cover costs of materials required for the workshop. Our workshops do not operate from a standardized poetry workshop model, but instead are designed specifically for each partner organization and their membership, centering creative expression and poetry. We encourage our facilitators to push the boundaries of what contemporary poetry is and can be and to represent that in their workshops, while remaining true to our mission of increasing literacy and literary awareness and fostering empowerment and community.

We are currently looking for workshop facilitators for our 2021 programming, between July and October, 2021. We are open to scheduling one-time workshops, recurring workshops, or workshop series that run over a 4-8 week period.

VSEAL donates copies of our magazine Vallum: Contemporary Poetry to each host organization after workshops are conducted.

Deadline for applications for 2021 programming: July 15, 2021

If you are a poet/educator/workshop facilitator and are interested in becoming a Poetry for our Future! facilitator, please complete this form!

If you represent a community organization that is interested in hosting a Poetry for our Future! workshop, please complete this form!