“With Every Fibre of My Being” is an exhibit intended to explore the of use fibrous materials to express your passions and deeply felt emotions.

“With Every Fibre of My Being” is often a metaphor for your whole being, character, inner psychological and physical strength and could be a reference to your moral fibre, or to the fibrous and connective tissues you are made of. To feel something with every fibre of your being, is to feel it deeply. Itspeaksto passion, desire, and to putting all of one’s effort into something. Artists often feel this strong connection to their art while for others it relates to the resiliency needed to navigate various experiences or for the love they have for someone or something.

The Vernon Community Arts Centre invites you to examine your own connection to this phrase and express that through your artwork. Artists are encouraged to use textiles and fibrous materials (such as paper, wool, silk, bark, straw, bamboo, hemp, papyrus, copper, basalt, etc.)

This is not a juried exhibit and you are not required to apply in advance. The Arts Centre showcases works of both emerging and established artists as long the art fits the theme and follows the prescribed guidelines in the Artist Entry Form. Please read the Artist Entry Form for full submission details and guidelines and drop off your work(s) at the Vernon Community Arts Centre on Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

Exhibitors must hold a current Arts Council of the North Okanagan (ACNO) membership. If you took out membership through the Vernon Community Arts Centre, this means you are an ACNO Member. To learn about the Arts Centre, or Arts Council, visit our website.