Submissions for Vallum 18:2 are now open! The theme is “The Power of Words”

In this issue we want to know how words are used and/or abused. This is a theme about the power of language, so your poetry must somehow reflect how the usage of words affect you, us, and/or our culture.

NOTE: Due to pandemic-related restrictions, Issue 18:2 will be an exclusively digital issue.

***Unfortunately, Vallum cannot accept submissions via snail mail at this time. ***
Deadline: June 30, 2021

Vallum is interested in original and previously unpublished work. Ideal submissions are well-crafted, fresh and edgy. We are committed to enriching and continuing the tradition of poetry in the present day. We welcome submissions that deepen our understanding of what poetry is and can be. We are open to most styles, whether experimental or traditional – though issues are usually put together with an underlying theme in mind, so not all poetry can be accepted, even if it is genius!

* Submission fee: We charge a minimum fee of $3 per submission when submitting online. We use this fee to help cover reading fees and printing costs. Every contribution will be considered a donation and we will issue a charitable tax receipt. If the minimum entry fee is a financial barrier to you submitting your work to Vallum, please email us at for details of how to submit.


  • Poetry : 4-7 poems 
  • Essay : 4-6 pages
  • Interview : 3-5 pages
  • Review : 1-3 pages
  • Letter to the editor : up to 1 page
  • Audio and video poems : 1-3 files [Audio: Mp3, 15mb (max). Video: MP4, H.264 encoding, AAC LC audio format, 30mb (max).]

We pay our contributors!

Poetry, interviews, reviews, essays, audio, video, and letters to the editor are accepted year-round, though, because our issues are generally themed, we ask that you please consider this when submitting your poetry. Poets may also send books for review consideration. Please do not submit unsolicited chapbook manuscripts or artwork. No simultaneous submissions. Essay and review submissions must follow MLA Style guidelines. Vallum acquires First North American Serial Rights. If your work has been published in our most recent issue, please wait one issue before submitting again, at which point we will be happy to consider more of your work.

Vallum (VSEAL) strongly encourages submissions from LGBTQI2S, Indigenous writers, writers of colour, gender non-conforming writers, differently abled writers or persons with mental or physical challenges, and all who are otherwise affected by structural inequality. Under no circumstances does Vallum tolerate bigoted, violent or abusive content.
Vallum (VSEAL) encourage vivement les soumissions de LGBTQI2S, écrivains autochtones, écrivains de couleur, écrivains non conformes au genre, écrivains ayant des capacités différentes ou personnes ayant des problèmes physiques ou mentaux, et tous ceux qui sont autrement affectés par une inégalité structurelle. Vallum ne tolère en aucun cas un contenu sectaire, violent ou  abusif.