Virtual Volunteer Opportunity (Future Leaders Age 18-30)

Volunteer for the Empathy Squad to make a difference in your community through the power of storytelling. In the midst of global upheaval, and the search for social, class, and racial justice, we are looking for volunteers to generate empathy-building dialogue through the collection of stories and interviews.

Oral storytelling forges connections between people and ideas, makes information more accessible, and helps us understand the ties that bind us. Oral history nuances the stories of the past and present, helps us understand how communities experience history, and allows us to learn together on the path towards a shared future.

Amplify voices, centre overlooked stories, and celebrate the unsung heroes in your community. You’ll have the chance to collect stories, learn podcasting skills, meet new people from different walks of life, and collaborate with future leaders across the country. Come spark change, one story at a time.

Participants Will:

  • Discover artful ways to volunteer in their community

  • Learn interview and recording techniques, narrative shaping and audio editing skills

  • Gain skills in community engagement through oral-history collection

  • Enhance readiness for leadership roles and community participation

  • Grow empathy from coast-to-coast through community-building dialogue


Program Details:

Approximately 12 hours a week of commitment for 12 weeks total.

See full program schedule below

About FiXT POiNT’s Previous Work:

To date we’ve interviewed over 3000 Canadians from every province and territory in almost 200 communities in our storymobiles (mobile recording studio on wheels).  We have aired dozens of audio stories on CBC (Fresh Air, Podcast Playlist, Holiday Programming etc..), edited and posted hundreds of oral histories on our storymap, recently produced two seasons of a TV/Web Series for TVOand most recently we were awarded Touring Artist of the Year from CAPACOA (Canadian Arts Presenting Association).


Application deadline: August 1, 2021

Cohort 7: September – December 2021
Cohort 8:
September – December 2021
Cohort 9:
January – April 2022
Cohort 10:
January – April 2022

To apply, please follow the application link below