NewfoundLanded (working title) is a project that aims to put the stories of immigrants and refugees front and centre.

Santiago Guzmán and Vanessa Cardoso, from TODOS Productions, will host interviews with 40 individuals from across the province with the goal of collecting stories of their lived-experience that will serve as source material for the development of a new script.

NewfoundLanded (working title) will bring these unheard stories to the stage; will create a platform for immigrants’ and refugees’ voices in the province to be heard, celebrated, and acknowledged; and will honour the vibrant, colourful, and diverse Newfoundland and Labrador of today.

The interviews will be conducted and recorded online, however, for areas where accessing a stable internet connection is a challenge, TODOS Productions is more than willing to find other ways to interview immigrants and refugees in these areas (conference calls, video recording, written interviews, etc.)

An honorarium of $75 will be offered to each interviewee.

By signing up for an interview, you are granting consent for TODOS Productions to record your interview for the purposes of research.