The first phase of renovations for the Intermediate School occurred from 2017-2018, transitioning the former school into administrative offices, meeting spaces, performing and visual art studios, the Viewpoint Gallery and the office of the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. Arts and culture programming for all ages is offered at the centre in the areas of music, theatre, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and summer camps.

New public art will be placed on centrally located walls throughout the newly renovated spaces. The walls consist of one of two materials: drywall or DIRTT modular partitions. For the drywall sites, the artworks will be murals, low relief sculpture or digitally fabricated artworks (on wood, steel, ceramic or other). Artwork for the DIRTT partitions will be high resolution digital renderings. The digital artwork is printed onto the partitions prior to installation of the wall sections.

Each of the short-listed artists will receive a design fee of $500 in addition to the contract fee for the final designs that are selected.