With the majority of our facility still shuttered due to pandemic restrictions, TAP is pleased to partner with the City of London and the Dundas Place management team to provide opportunities for our creative community to present new work and connect with the public. These activations will begin once the province declares that we are in Stage 3.

We are bringing the opportunities to share and create at TAP out of our building and onto different locations on Dundas Place. This extension of TAP’s Creative Hub includes outdoor spaces for presentation, creation, and networking. The goal is to create a continuous stream of creativity each Thursday on the street in addition to performances in the Good Theatre Friday and Saturday in order to support the work you do. What are we looking for? Musicians / actors / writers / performers who want to present their work. Artists who want to make / workshop / show / sell their work. We want to support your creativity in a way that best suits you, so if you have a project that you think might be out of the box and we have not mentioned it… APPLY ANYWAYS!

There is no application or participation fee for this opportunity. We want to encourage artists to use the space they are given to its full potential. If that means monetizing your proposed project through donations or art and ticket sales feel free to do so.

TAP will be promoting your outdoor projects online as well as on our building, replacing our current mural and dedicating the space to the community.

TAP has made it a priority to provide opportunities for presentation that is inclusive to a diverse group of applicants. We encourage those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour or others who identify as an underrepresented minority to apply, as we believe that a range of lived experiences, voices, and perspectives contribute to a vibrant creative community.

Here is what you will need to prepare for your application:

  • A proposal (500 word max)

  • An artist bio/statement (~50 words)

  • 5 examples of your work, either completed or in progress. This can be in any medium.

  • A Work/Image List. If you are submitting audio or video, include links to your work here instead of uploading files.

  • Your Work/Image List should include: Title, medium, size (if applicable) and date.