The Richmond Public Art Program invites artists residing in British Columbia to submit applications to be placed on the Community Mural Artist Roster for 2022–2024 The Community Mural Artist Roster is updated biannually and provides a list of pre-qualified artists to work with community groups, business or property owners, schools, and/or private developers proposing murals on their buildings.

The Roster includes artists with a range of artistic styles, mediums and approaches.

Artists with demonstrated
experience and skill sets working with multiple project stakeholders and with executing indoor and outdoor murals are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: September 20, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. PST.

Roster Timeline: 2022–2024


Once on the Roster, artists will be notified prior to being placed into
consideration for specific mural projects. Artists will be considered based on the themes and rankings established by the Public Art Selection Panel, the goals of Public Art Area Plans, and neighbourhood identities.

Independently, property owners will be invited to propose a wall on their
property for inclusion in the Community Mural Program. An interdepartmental
staff Mural Committee will review the property owners’ applications.

After the mural locations have been determined, Public Art staff, in consultation with the selected property owner, will identify artists from the Roster for each
mural opportunity. The artists will be selected based on best fit for each project.

Mural budgets will be determined for each mural project individually and will be based on size, material, level of public engagement, community contribution,
site and project requirements. Budget includes (but is not limited to) artist fees,
leading community engagement sessions (if required), materials, supplies, paint, permitting as needed, labour, photography, insurance, travel,
accommodation and all taxes, excluding GST.