We at Repaint History are excited to announce the launch of our new Call For Art with artist funding. This year, Repaint History committed to a total fund of $5,000 (CAD) in the form of four juried Call For Arts to support women artists. In April, we proudly surpassed this goal and we are excited to announce an additional fund of $1,250 CAD as part of this new call.

This artist fund is created with a single purpose – to support women artists by providing them with a financial incentive and publicity.

About the Call:

The Fund: The starting prize in the amount of $2,150 CAD (Increased from $1,250 CAD) will be shared between 3 or more artists (min. $625 per artist). To maximize the number of recipients and the size of the fund, 20% of each application fee will be contributed towards the total prize money. The more submissions we receive, the larger the fund will grow, and more artists will be selected for the prize. So far Repaint History has funded 9 artists with a total fund of $5,100 CAD split amongst these selected artists.

Get Featured: In addition to the fund, the selected artists will be interviewed and featured as part of our popular “Artists We Love” series shared both on our website and social media platforms.

Eligibility: Artists from across the globe are welcome to apply to this fund with works in any of the following medium: painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography, printmaking and more. No specific education is required.

Application: To apply, submit your application form below. Make sure to include a link to your portfolio, your website, and social media accounts where you display and promote your work. The submissions will be evaluated by an international jury of curators, who will make the decision on the recipients of the fund. Learn more about our guest curators below.

Submission deadline: September 9th, 2021

Announcement of the recipients: October 4th-October 8th (exact date to be announced)

Application fee: 25 CAD (Approx $19 US)