Finding Our Place: Beading and Weaving our Culture Together
Guest Curator: Adele ᒪᐢᑿᓱᐏᐢᑵᐤ Arseneau

Pushing Boundaries 2021 will be held at CityScape Community ArtSpace from
October 8 – November 20, 2021. Following, BC’s Restart Plan, we are excited to plan an in-person opening reception for Thursday, October 7, from 7-9pm. This is not mandatory, and we will be guided by public health orders at the time.

North Van Arts is seeking professional and emerging artists, makers, and craftspeople that identify as First Nations/Metis/Inuit people of the land known as Canada, for the bi-annual Pushing Boundaries exhibition.

The theme of the 2021 exhibition is Finding Our Place: Beading and Weaving our Culture Together.

There is medicine in every fibre woven, every stitch made and every bead placed. The intentionality of these acts reminds us of how we are all connected and that even the smallest details have a place and are required. These teachings help connect us with our identity, our families, our history, and our strength in navigating current society. Like the fibres spun together, we are stronger when we find our place in community and as the beads in a mosaic, we can shine when we are placed in the right situations. 
– Adele ᒪᐢᑿᓱᐏᐢᑵᐤ Arseneau

The theme will explore the above teachings through weaving and beadwork. For many Indigenous Nations the cultural journey of these traditional customs was interrupted. The quest to learn, teach, and work to bring this knowledge back into communities will ensure the next generations have a foundation to connect to. Where is this knowledge found and when found, does it acknowledge the protocols and sacred teachings of these art forms?

The exhibition will further ask and explore these questions:
• How is cultural identity expressed and maintained through both the traditional practices and contemporary interpretations of beadwork and weaving?
• How is this traditional knowledge transferred and is the transfer contributing to the distinctiveness of Indigenous culture or helping to erase/replace it?
• What is the relevance of the conversation today?
• How do we navigate this discussion going forward?


To apply, please complete the online submission form which includes:
• Contact details
• A current CV, bio, an artist statement
• List of images included (detailing title, size, medium, price, and thumbnail image for each image)
• Images of your artwork, uploaded to the form (up to ten images)

There will be an artist fee of $450 for selected artists. This fee is made possible with the support of the Deux Mille Foundation.

The online submission form can be found on our website :

Please note, only online submissions will be accepted. If you require assistance in your application, or, have any enquires please contact Leigh-Anne Niehaus, Exhibitions Manager at

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