wave~form~projects in conjunction with Critical Distance Centre for Curators (CDCC) is excited to announce the open call for Ways of Attuning: A Curatorial Study Group, set to begin in late spring of 2022. The program is a learner-focused mentoring and study group based in Tkaronto/Toronto that focuses on curatorial strategies and relational methodologies, and aims to create a collaborative learning environment in which everyone is a knowledge-sharing member. While it functions independently and hopes to broaden from academic learning, it remains in conversation with the global contemporary art world. The program operates within the context of race, place, class, ability, sexuality and gender as fundamentally missing components from institutional and academic curatorial programs. Ways of Attuning will unfold as a combination of individual sessions, intensive group gatherings, workshops and conversations with invited guests, providing tangible space and time to create meaningful, robust, and critical frameworks for supporting participant practices.

For this pilot edition, we are seeking applications from curators and cultural practitioners who are interested and invested in developing their practice in a collaborative, experimental, and anti-racist environment. The program will integrate the conceptual, practical, and personal aspects of curatorial practice into the learning process, allowing for imaginative thinking around curatorial possibilities. Participants will have agency in shaping the program according to their desires, and in collaboration with wave~form~projects. Through an understanding of curatorial ethics and responsibilities, the program will encourage decentralized, non-hegemonic and intergenerational participation that welcomes the complexities of collaborative labour.