In the wake of the recent Black Lives Matter movement, following the deaths of BIPOC individuals involving police, and the Indigenous Land Back movement, it became all too clear that the concept of diversity and inclusion is yet to be achieved. Systemic racism and neo-colonialism, homophobia and transphobia, racial profiling, the extreme right movement are still well anchored in our society, and emphasizing that we are far from being an inclusive society.

We announce a national open call for submissions from Canadian clay, glass and copper enamel artists for Myths and Realities, a national group exhibition that will spark conversation, and reflect on changes we must face related to important societal issues. We welcome submissions from artists who broadly embrace or identify with the theme of diversity and inclusion and all related issues in their artistic practices and experiences including, but not limited to, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, and mental or physical abilities. Multi-media works and those that incorporate new media within the use of clay, glass, and copper enameling will be considered. The selected works will be presented in the exhibition from September 2022 to January 2023.